China Makes Shocking Request Over COVID

( In their continuing “tit-for-tat” propaganda battle to cover for their unleashing a deadly pandemic on the world, the Communist Chinese Government is demanding that the US Army biomedical research lab at Fort Detrick be investigated as the possible origin of COVID-19.

Since the start of the pandemic that began in Wuhan, China, the CCP has repeatedly accused the Fort Detrick lab of being the source of COVID-19. Even going so far as to claim that the US Army unleashed the virus in China as a bioweapon.

Due to growing public pressure, President Biden announced last week that he is calling on the intelligence community to “redouble” its efforts to determine the origins of the COVID-19 virus. This just days after White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that the White House would defer to the World Health Organization to investigate where the virus originated.

According to a CNN report, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian claimed the US doesn’t care about facts or truth, nor does it care about serious scientific study to determine COVID-19’s origins.

Accusing the US of exploiting the pandemic to stigmatize China, Zhao claims the United States is looking to shift the blame away from Fort Detrick.

Zhao went on to claim the lab-leak theory was debunked by the World Health Organization’s sham report released in March of this year. Many believe the purpose of the WHO’s report was designed to shield China from further scrutiny – and China has been quick to use the report as just that kind of shield.

It was learned recently that three researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology were hospitalized in November 2019 with COVID-like symptoms. Among those hospitalized was Dr. Li Wenliang who later died of COVID 19. This was months before the CCP or the World Health Organization acknowledged the outbreak of this novel coronavirus.

Zhao hammered what he called “the suspicion-shrouded Fort Detrick” – demanding that the US “owes an explanation to the world.”

President Biden has given the IC ninety days to get back to him on their findings.

Meanwhile, according to the UK Daily Mail, two virologists have released a report claiming they have found “unique fingerprints” on COVID-19 samples that could only have originated in a laboratory. Claiming that COVID-19 has no “credible natural ancestor” their report concludes that it is “beyond reasonable doubt” the virus was developed through laboratory manipulation.