Democrat Governor Tight Lipped About Scandal

( Last week, the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation announced that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer would receive the “Profile in Courage” Award “for her service during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

But given Whitmer’s habit of getting caught violating her own state-imposed COVID guidelines, perhaps she, like Cuomo before her, should get an Emmy award – only for best actress in a comedy.

After instructing Michiganders to avoid traveling to Florida for spring break, Whitmer flew to visit her father … in Florida.

But, see, it’s okay because, according to Governor Whitmer’s spokeswoman Tiffany Brown, “The governor did not go on spring break.”

COVID-19, the magical virus that can tell if you’re a spring-breaker or not. What will they think of next?

According to Deadline Detroit, Whitmer asked a group of wealthy Detroit businessmen to provide a Gulfstream G-280 twin jet to shuttle her to the Sunshine State.

Had Whitmer hired a plane from a charter company, the cost would have been anywhere from $10K to $40K. It is not clear whether the Governor will be reimbursing these businessmen for the cost of the flight.

According to Whitmer’s spokeswoman Tiffany Brown, the Governor has only left Michigan three times in the last six months.

“All trips were very brief, two full days or less,” explained Brown.

But even that isn’t exactly accurate. Flight records show Whitmer arrived in West Palm Beach at 9:37 am on Friday March 12 and left at 4:37 pm on Monday, March 15.

This isn’t the first time Governor Whitmer has skirted her own COVID restrictions.

In May of last year, her husband traveled to their vacation home (not allowed) and contacted the marina to have the Whitmer family boat put in the water (not allowed). Whitmer’s husband made a point of telling the man from the marina “I am the husband to the governor. Will this make a difference?” Even Politico was astonished by that.

Whitmer’s response? He only went to their vacation home to “rake leaves” and he was only joking around with the man at the marina.

Instead of giving her a “Profile in Courage” award this Sunday, perhaps the Kennedy Library should present Governor Whitmer with a more appropriate “Profile in Moxie.”