1 In 3 Americans Rejecting Coca Cola

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Coca Cola has long been a staple of American life, but the corporation’s commitment to woke politics looks like that bond might have been broken, with one-third of Americans now saying that they are less likely to drink the beverage. It follows Coca-Cola’s interference in a political debate over the new voter integrity laws passed in Georgia.

Earlier this month, Coca Cola CEO James Quincey increased his criticism of the new laws in Georgia, which require mail-in voters to provide proof of identification when casting their vote. The CEO issued a statement saying that their company has “long championed efforts to make it easier to vote” and opposes the legislation because it would “diminish or deter access to voting.”

“Our focus is now on supporting federal legislation that protects voting access and addresses voter suppression across the country,” Quincey said. “We all have a duty to protect everyone’s right to vote, and we will continue to stand up for what is right in Georgia and across the U.S.”

In response to Coca Cola’s inexplicable attack on voter integrity, Rasmussen performed a poll between April 15 and 18, asking whether Americans think it is a good or a bad idea for corporations to become involved in political controversies.”

Some 62% of respondents insisted that it was a “bad idea” for these companies to get wrapped up in controversy, and only 20% said it was a “good idea.” A smaller fraction, just 17%, said that they were “not sure.”

It means that the woke left doesn’t represent as huge a majority – or even a majority – as they seem to think they do.

The pollsters then asked if respondents had ever boycotted a company because of political issues. 52% said “no” and 41% said “yes,” indicating that a substantial portion of American society is ready and willing to boycott companies for taking sides on debates.

They then asked people whether they would boycott Coca Cola.

“After the Georgia legislature enacted a new election law requiring voter ID, Coca-Cola was one of the companies that publicly condemned the law. Does that make you more or less likely to purchase Coca-Cola products?” the pollster asked.

More than one-third of respondents, some 37%, said that they were “less likely” to purchase Coca Cola in the future not just because of their objection to voter integrity laws, but because they get involved in a political debate.

25% said that they were “more likely” to purchase Coca Cola because of it – likely representing the woke crowd – and some 30% said it “does not make much difference.”

Roughly one-third of Americans don’t care and a plurality of Americans say they are less likely to purchase Coca Cola from now on…

Could that be enough to show big corporation that getting involved in politics is never a good idea?