149 People Found In Texas Being Smuggled In Tractor Trailer

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- 149 people were discovered locked inside of a tractor-trailer in Texas on April 16. New reports revealed how United States Border Patrol agents, who were assigned to a checkpoint near Laredo on the I-35, discovered the people as it approached the checkpoint.

Border officials scanned the outside of the vehicle and were alerted to “anomalies” inside. Upon opening and inspecting the vehicle, the agents discovered a sealed cardo area. Inside were 149 migrants attempting to illegally enter the United States.

The 149 individuals found on board were discovered to be traveling from Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, and El Salvador.

All migrants were placed under arrest, and the driver – who is a United States citizen – was also placed under arrest. An investigation is ongoing into the origins of the tractor and how the U.S. citizen came to be the driver for the vehicle.

The shocking discovery comes at a time when the nation’s border security is less secure than at least the last fifteen years. In President Joe Biden’s first full month in office, February, the number of illegal aliens apprehended at the border hit 100,000. In March, it reached 170,000.

As increasing numbers of illegal aliens are arrested at the border, governors are being forced to take action. President Joe Biden has yet to announce any policy changes to stop the influx of migrants, but Republican Arizona Governor Doug Ducey announced on Tuesday that he would be sending 250 National Guard troops to the border to deal with the increased arrival of migrants.

The announcement from Arizona came just one day after Customs and Border Protection held an open house event at a proposed migrant processing center in the border town of Yuma. It’s the first of two tent cities planned in Arizona that will be used to help temporarily house illegal aliens and allow border officials to process them.

It’s a drastic change of policy compared with President Donald Trump’s measures that stopped the massive influx of illegal aliens over the border. During the last administration, border officials were instructed to stop all “catch and release” – which meant fewer illegal aliens even tried to cross the border, knowing that border agents would not simply release them into the United States as they did under the Obama administration.

That Obama-era policy is back in place under the Biden administration.

President Joe Biden has also not backtracked on his promise to grant amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens across the country, meaning illegals have greater incentive than ever to attempt to cross the border.