180 Dead In Hundreds Of Shootings Over July

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Violent crime is just getting worse and worse under President Joe Biden’s leadership, with reports suggesting that well over 100 people were killed in hundreds of shootings all over the country during the July 4th weekend.

At a time when Americans should be coming together and celebrating, people are more divided than ever and criminality is skyrocketing in Democrat-run cities.

According to data from the Gun Violence Archive, over 540 different shootings occurred within 72 hours over Friday and Sunday last weekend. It found that there were more than 180 homicides recorded in the same period.

Out of those hundreds of incidents, some 19 homicide victims came from Chicago alone, according to the city’s police department. 104 people in Chicago alone were shot over the holiday weekend.

How will Mayor Lori Lightfoot spin that one?

Chicago appears to have fallen victim to a combination of out-of-control gang activity and July 4 celebrations, with dangerous criminals allowed to gather in large crowds and use those crowds as a form of cover to carry out violent acts. Police officers in the city said that there were spontaneous crowds of people setting off fireworks, and as a crowd was being dispersed, they heard gunshots.

A spokesperson from the New York Police Department also confirmed that the Big Apple witnessed 21 shootings and 26 victims. It’s a slight decrease over the number last year, where 30 people were shot in 25 different shootings, but that’s hardly a victory.

Mayor Lightfoot might want to blame the violence on gun laws, but how can she explain New York – which has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country – experiencing violent crime to a similarly high degree?

The more this happens, the stronger the case is for constitutional carry…let’s just hope the Supreme Court is taking note of this.