2 More Trains Just Derailed

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- On Monday, two other trains derailed. This happened a mere ten days after a train hauling vinyl chloride had its axle catch fire and explode near the Ohio-Pennsylvania border, releasing toxic chemicals into the atmosphere and bodies of water.

A train and a semi-truck collided early Monday in East Texas. The truck was pushed a quarter-mile along the tracks. The alleged event derailed 21 cars owned by Union Pacific.

When emergency technicians arrived at the collision scene, the truck driver was already deceased, according to the Splendora Police Department. The police department stated that the train was carrying bio-hazard materials. None of the railway’s tanks were damaged in the crash.

Another train wreck occurred hours later near Enoree, South Carolina.

Norfolk Southern freight train hauling 150 cars derailed ten days ago near the town of East Palestine, triggering today’s derailments. Twenty boxcars were transporting hazardous materials, which sparked the massive fire and released toxic chemicals.

There is an alarming trend afoot, with more than a dozen verified railway disasters throughout the United States since the beginning of the year.

“The Palestine accident is the tip of the iceberg and a red flag,” said Amtrak locomotive engineer and former Norfolk Southern freight engineer Ron Kaminkow, who spoke to the media about the event. He also coordinates the activities of the many rail unions nationwide as the secretary of Railroad Workers United, a nonprofit labor organization.

Kaminkow claims that the run of derailments should be a wake-up call about the diminishing workforce on the nation’s railways, which has happened because railroads put profits before safety.

If nothing is done, he said, the situation would only worsen, and the next calamity might be devastating.

But, one estimate puts the number of Americans who live in a possible oil train explosion zone at about 25 million.

It took Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg 10 days to address the tragedy in East Palestine. By any measure, this neglect is a failure of the Biden administration.