20 U.S. Governors Join New Liberal Agenda Push

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- An alliance of 20 Democratic governors has been formed to promote abortion around the country.

The Associated Press reported earlier this week that the network the governors have created is meant to increase women’s access to abortion nationwide after the Supreme Court overturned the landmark Roe v. Wade decision last summer.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is leading the organizer. He and some of the other governors who are part of the group have said that their Reproductive Freedom Alliance is one way for the state leaders and staffs to be able to share best practices with each other as well as protection abortion rights for the nearly 170 million people in America who live within the footprint of the group.

They also say that the group will work to ensure that the people in America who don’t live within the group’s footprint are able to still have access to abortion.

In an interview she gave on Tuesday, Michelle Lujan, the governor of New Mexico, said:

“We can all coalesce.”

She said the Supreme Court ruling that removed federal abortion protections “horrified” many governors and put pressure on them to act. She explained of the group:

“This is leveraging our strengths … to have more of a national voice.”

Among the key functions of the group is sharing statutory language that other states could model, as well as executive orders that could protect access to abortion as well as protect providers of abortion services from facing criminal prosecution.

The group also will seek to come up with strategies that would maximize funding from the federal government for various reproductive services that could include birth control, as well as gain support for the companies that manufacture abortion medication as well as contraceptives – all of which have faced new potential restrictions.

Grisham said that the launch of this new group comes at a time when a Texas federal court is considering a challenge to medication abortions being available across the country. Currently, this is the way that the majority of abortions in the U.S. happen.

Newsom released a statement announcing the launch of the group, saying he and his aides spent months organizing the effort, which he called “a moral obligation” as well as a “firewall” that will protect “fundamental rights.”

Many of the governors that are part of the group are from states that are heavily Democratic and whose voters approve of abortion rights in overwhelming fashion. At the same time, the group also includes the governors of each of the presidential battleground states that currently have a Democratic governor.

This includes Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmen, Wisconsin’s Tony Evers, Pennsylvania’s Josh Shapiro and North Carolina’s Roy Cooper.

Initial funding for the alliance has already been secured through the Rosenberg Foundation and the California Wellness Foundation. Both of these non-profit groups commonly donate funds to various public health efforts that are focused on communities of disadvantaged people.