20,000 Troops Send Bold Message To Joe Biden

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Some 19,000 active-duty Marines and Navy sailors are reportedly still unvaccinated, even though the November 28 deadline imposed by the Biden administration has already passed.

The Washington Post has reported that all of these personnel, who are sending an extremely bold message to President Joe Biden, will be expelled from the military and will lose their jobs.

The outlet also said that the number of people holding out and refusing to take the experimental vaccine is roughly 9,500 in each branch.

Around 5% of the Marines not taking the vaccine was expected, but reports suggest that the Navy had significantly more sailors refusing to take it than they had expected. Last week, the Navy announced its final official tally of those who have taken the vaccine, but claimed that they had discovered a number of “discrepancies” in its data tracking system.

Official data previously showed that 99.8% of sailors had complied with the authoritarian vaccine mandate, but that number was dropped to 97%. Still, that’s a lot of people being coerced by the government under fear of losing their jobs.

Data also shows that 8,800 serving members of the United States Air Force have refused to take the vaccine.

While the vast majority of America’s soldiers have taken the vaccine, those who have not are likely to be Republicans – and it’s an extremely convenient way for the Biden administration to rid the military of anybody who refuses to take their most extreme, irrational, and anti-American orders.