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Omar, Tlaib Condemn Trump, Call For End To Israel’s ‘Occupation’ Of Palestine

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Fox News YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

Freshman Democrat Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar vow to continue fighting against the Trump and Netanyahu administrations after condemning the two leaders over what they criticized as ‘oppressive’ governments.

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77 thoughts on “Omar, Tlaib Condemn Trump, Call For End To Israel’s ‘Occupation’ Of Palestine

  1. It’s not hard to clearly see Omar and Tlaib’s intentions and the sooner they are kicked out of any government position the sooner the US and it’s citizens will be safer!

    1. Let’s kick them out, that way, we’ll know they are out! We must start taking care of ourselves because the RNC is full of Cowards! As much as I hate the DNC, I do respect their voters taking action!


      1. I do not know how and who elected these people and what agenda they try to accomplish? Every things these days are mixing.

        1. Who elected them? The extreme left, of course! The demonicRATS have sold their soul to the devil, and payback will be costly! What a happy day that will be!

          1. Aline you are so right.. send these idiots to IRAN. What are they doing in this great country of ours? SEND THEM BACK…before they spread their RACIST MUSLIM CRAP any further. God Bless President Trump and God Bless our GREAT COUNTRY.

  2. This site calls itself Liberty Revolution yet they block an American Born Citizens first Amendment Right to free speech!

  3. Descendants of slavery should never be allowed to participate in American Politics! They hate America, and White People, they cannot govern.unbiased!
    (Not a racist statement even though as a White Male American I am accused of being a racist by the ignorant)

  4. I was raised playing sports with black kids, and I never heard the word nigger, at home, I learned it from the black kids!

  5. The racism movement was for sympathy so blacks could be given equal rights, which I agree with, they were mistreated and I’m against that! Now, blacks have equal rights, and they want more, and that I don’t agree with!

  6. Lyndon Johnson, (D) Texas, started reparations, with a colorful speech, “ These blacks are getting too upitty, we need to give them something, not a lot, but just enough to pacify them, I’ll have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years!”

  7. The DNC knowingly supported Ayers Coup to put a foreign family friend in the People’s House, we will not forgive nor forget!

  8. We the People run this Country, however, there are two sides of WE THE PEOPLE, and right now, the left side is putting boots on the ground!

  9. You know Soros is so antiquated that he is on borrowed time, Ayers is quite old himself! In fact all those Chicago Anarchists are near 5 ft. Under now! Tic Toc!!

  10. That’s ok they’ll keep Ayers Anarchy 101 going for a while! Until African Americans take it over, then it will dwindle away out of a lack of work ethic!

  11. No matter how many innocent people Obama’s ATF and FBI murders, we won’t give up our guns, on both sides of the aisle! Tic Toc !!

  12. Never been a nation of Palestine. 2000 years ago the Romans named the occupied area Palestine. Since then, Palestine has been occupied by just about every power in the middle East and most recently by the Ottoman Empire and then, Great Britain until 1948.

  13. They should be removed from office.They should be deported out of The United States.They hate America then it is time for them to leave.Someone should get them out. They are terrorists and aligned with them.Why haven’t they been removed? these are the racists. Not Trump.

  14. The sooner we get these two radical idiots out of our politics and out of our country the better off America will be. They don’t even deserve the attention the radical media is giving them. I hope I never hear another of their stupid remarks and I hope I never see another photo of them in the news or on my computer. Get them both the hell out of the USA. Send them to a Muslim Country and see how long they listen to their big mouths.

  15. You 2 nasty, ignorant dirbags do not have any say what so ever in anything. Do you hear me?? Nobody cares who you seem to condemn, it means less than a speck of dirt, which is cleaner than you seem to be. It won’t be long now, I hope to see you all hang from a tree, or better yet, how about in front of a wall with holes all over your nasty bodies? Either way, you sh*t faced dirtbags, will work very good for us, so whenever you are ready, just give us a hollar.!!

  16. How about ending their occupation of this great country? They hate it anyway. Why would they want to stay? Go somewhere else to hate us and Israel.

  17. Stage One: INFILTRATE! These two ugly “Dog Squad” members deserve to be impeached. I’m as sick of the word as everyone else but the fact of the matter is, they swore an oath to the US Constitution not Palestine! I can’t imagine Tip O’Neil or any other Majority Leader allowing this to happen! Pelosi is afraid to death to even censure the “Squad!” They must be stopped now. Freedom of speech is one thing. Using it to destroy America is another!

  18. Rob Waddell is a sick son of a gun. Best he keeps his mouth shut. Oh, he can’t cause his foot is in it. Real Hateful guy Rob. Read a book about racism or immigration or any book on the founding of America. Do you some good. They have easy to read books at the library

  19. Who cares what these two anti Americans want, they don’t do anything for the US except show their a*s every chance they get, so let them rant and rave to their hearts content, maybe the people who elected them will wake up and decide they don’t represent Americans, they do every thing they can to push an Islam agenda on the US population and who wants to live with their head covered like a criminal

  20. I think there is a word for what they are doing . . . It’s called TREASON, and I think they need to be impeached and convicted of “rendering aid and comfort to the enemy”. Ilhan needs to be imprisoned (if convicted) and deported BACK to SOMALIA, never to return to the U.S.

  21. Hey Omar There has never been a Palestine state
    And by the way Omar took her oath a Koran so how can she take the oath of the United States as a congresswoman which say’s I will uphold the Constitution of the United States, seems to me that would make her Illegal as a member of congress

  22. How do they propose that Israel give back Palestinian lands when Palestine doesn’t exist as a nation. Palestinians are also living in homes that belonged to Israelis. Do these two propose that Palestinians living in Jewish homes do the same?

  23. These two idiots need to shut up until they learn a little history. Apparently the Quran doesn’t teach the history of their people. The current Palestinians were the Philistines mentioned in The Bible. They were not native to the land, they migrated there probably from Greece, moved in on the Hebrews, and constantly then and still now, attacked and warred against the Hebrews. The only occupation is now, and always has been, done by the Palestinians.

  24. REALLY????? I demand the FOUL FOUR stop all their Stupidity, Racist, AntiAmerican and Terrorist actions….Along with their benefactors…

  25. They must be removed from our government . They intend to take over our country just as Hitler did Germany.

  26. God help us if the religion these women are attempting to shove down every American’s throat ever controls the world. They did not run for Congress to represent the American voters–they gained power with the ultimate goal to destroy Israel and all Jews.


  28. I am a moslium myself. I should say something to the people of US which I am sure will help to shape the future of this country. I loved US and I care about it’s future. US must start immediately to put laws and regulations to whoever want to come. Not anyone should allow. Stop the stupid lottery, stop the people just come to give birth. What was good old days can not apply these days. The future must be saved to American generations and not to any people. President Trump considered the only one for now who is a real patriotic and god bless him.

  29. Sick and tired of these two disgraceful traders in congress. They should be removed from Congress and deported for their stand against America and our Allies. This country was founded to be the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. One Nation Under God.. Our President Trump holds the office of the presidency and with the help of God will win in 2020… you two and the rest of the hate filled squad please realize you are free to leave our country and our congress since you are traders and do not believe the way the American Citizens do and you continue to denounce the American way of life. You and the rest of the far left wingers need to realize if you don’t like the USA you are free to leave. We will not become a socialist country and open our borders to criminals; and by the way when you enter illegally you are committing a crime. Anyone who does not believe this needs to read our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  30. I was wondering if you ever considered changing the layout of your site? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or two pictures. Maybe you could space it out better?

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