Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

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Anchor Caught On Hot Mic Claiming ABC Spiked Epstein Bombshell

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Fox News YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

A new Project Veritas video shows ABC’s Amy Robach talking about the network’s efforts to squash her Jeffrey Epstein coverage, claiming she had the story ‘for three years.’

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1 thought on “Anchor Caught On Hot Mic Claiming ABC Spiked Epstein Bombshell

  1. Jesse needs to take on this story. If he is the one who “breaks” this story, (the truth) he could become a prize winning journalist. GO for it Jesse! EPSTEIN WAS MURDERED BECAUSE SOME “VERY IMORTANT” PEOPLE WERE GETTING NREVOUS ABOUT IT. I believe that possibly the Royal family in Eng. is suspect. Look at what they did to Diana! Or, HELLERY strikes again. HEllery has had so many people who just disappeared and later turned up dead in here bag of tricks, and I’m reading about the debacle of Vince Foster’s supposed suicide. There was a man who witnessed many sstrange things. The man was threatened to stop , he was followed, he had accidents happen, his family threatened BUT HE DIDNT GIVE UP. WE all know HELLERY is mentally ill. From FBI agents, Cia agents, and her Secret Service detail inside the WH wrote a book about “LIFE IN THE White House WITH THE CLINTONS! Foster was in love with HELLERy and she talked to him like he was nobody, screaming at him and etc. Soon after his body was found in a park. They called it suicide as the police didnt want to touch this. None of the clues fit a suicide. Suicide by gun, gun over 5 feet away, laying on back with no gun, and very little blood. BLOOD TRACED BACK TO THE PARKING LOT WHERE BLOOD WAS FOUND BY FOSTER’S CAR.. HELLERY is two people and when she goes from normal to this ranting crazy woman, she is mentally ill. She has been this way since she was very young. If she didnt get her way, she threatened and/ or physically hurt people. If anyone is brave enough to do a undercover workup about HELLERY’s antics would have a Pulitzer Prize.This woman is very disturbed. I cant imagine what Chelsea had to endure. Especially having the question asked of her ‘WHO IS YOUR FATHER, REALLY?” HUBBELL?

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