Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

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Flynn Attorney Demands FBI Search Internal Database, Claims FBI Manipulated Interview Notes

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Fox News YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

Sidney Powell, attorney for Michael Flynn, speaks out.

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4 thoughts on “Flynn Attorney Demands FBI Search Internal Database, Claims FBI Manipulated Interview Notes

  1. I AM SO GLAD THAT THE GENERAL HAS SIDNEY POWELL. SHE IS A BRILLIANT LAWYER And will get the truth. I saw her on Mark Levins show on Sun. night. The entire situatio is nothing. but a crapshoot. Look what they are doing to Roger Stone. If I was Trump, soon after in prison, I’d commute their sentences..I dont know much about Paul Manafort. He has been treated like he was the enemy of America. What our government has done to him is absolutely Nazi-ism. He committed some crimes but solitary confinement. You would think he is the head of the ISIS.Schiff needs to be arrested and tried for lying and creating a crime to bring down a sitting President!! Schiff is probably the biggest fool there was that was invented. Schiff’s money is coming from his sisters husband. George Soros son>. Now, isnt that just peachy. Schiff has all the money he wants to either destroy Trump, put him in prison for life or treason and hung. Now, is that doesnt sound like a human being????

  2. Why not cut the crap and get back too doing what is right for the country too see who has the best ideas of what should be done too keep the country running smoothly and let the voters decide?? Who has the better ideas ?? Call an OLLIE OLLIE IN FREE. And start over?? All this bickering is costing a lot of money and going no where.

  3. I would totally believe Sydney Powell. She weighs her statements wisely and only with supporting facts. Am sure the corrupt FBI did this, just as Feinstein did with Christine Blasey Ford at the Kavanaugh hearings and precisely what Schifty Schiff is cherry picking to release now.

  4. …hopefully Flynn gets his revenge and exposes the crime and corruption in the FBI/CIA/rest of the alphabet and enough facts emerge to take it all down; that could lead to freedom for Manafort and Stone…

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