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Schiff Rejects GOP Call For Trump Whistleblower To Testify

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Fox News YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

Public phase of the House impeachment inquiry is set to begin Wednesday; reaction and analysis from the ‘Special Report’ All-Stars.

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17 thoughts on “Schiff Rejects GOP Call For Trump Whistleblower To Testify

  1. Schiff may be able to keepthe Whistleblower from testifying in this little kangaroo court, but when this gets to the senate, the Whistle blower will be forced to stop blowing in Adam.s ear and testify. And so will schifty Schiff or he will end up in jail……..(where he should be for whatever is left of his miserable life…….Adam S. (Soros) Schiff………….

    1. Others have said the so-called whistleblower is not one, rather a Schiff hiree. Therefore, ineligible for whistleblower status.
      PS. Watching Dem Dan Goldman’s 20 plus minutes seemed considerably more than any Republicans in this Kangaroo Courtroom, especially those who unconstitutionally were cut-off by Herr Schiff… welcome to the Inquisition and Reichstag trial format … Sig Heil Fuhrer Schiff

  2. SChiff is lying through his teeth. JUst watching those eyes, and his, oh so propersitting straight up and prisses his lips, really is mental deranged man. He is the laughing stock of Washington and elsewhere. HE also lied about the whistle blower. HE talked to him, he said he didn’t, makes you wonder if SChiff isnt the whistleblower. HE lies so often that you cant believe anything he says. He needs BED_REEST FOR evermore. WHen he(they). lose this he will thinlk of his next step to get rid of Trump before the election or he will try soon after. HE is one of HELLERY’S henchmen.

  3. Remember that Schiff has the ears of George Soros. Through his sister marrying Soros son. Makes you wonder who is paying him to do this? THe democrat party is heading back to the days of before and after the Civil WAR WITH “HANGING” THE PERSON WHO TELLS THE TRUTH AND PRAISING THE ONES WHO ACCUSE HIM. DAYS OF THE CIVIL WAR KKK HANGINGS.

    1. Beverly, we guessed but never saw anywhere before that Herr Schiff’s sister’s husband is the son of the Never Ever America and Trump WW2 Jewish Qusiling and denier despicable billionaire George Soros, the prime financier of politicians who want to keep America from being great and staying great.

  4. I wish someone would explain how one man gets to control this meeting as Schiff is doing Doesn’t make sense to me, there doesn’t seem any thing fair about the way it is set up. How can the Republicans stand a chance when he controls what they can ask or what witnesses they can call. I hope someone will explain this to me.

    1. Loretta, likewise, so do I; one man invincible … ven tho his constituents are from only one CA district. His stupid Representative House accepted his committee bid. Cannot believe this gives him carte blanch control of the whole United States of America, for him to be omnipotent; higher than the Vice President and House Speaker and rule maker. If it does, his power should be redefined. If it cannot, we will move to the birth country that I left to be free. The Democrat Party does not want freedom for people or the Constitution rules my country copied and still use.

    2. My sister has the same given name as yours but in my birth country they save letters so is Loreto. It does save keystrokes … LOL

  5. The whistle blower is the one that started this whole Ukraine thing & if true was also involved with the Russian HOAX . Sure sounds like is a continuation of the democrats attempts to remove the President from office !!! Bring this individual forward to testify , it is a sure sign of desperation that will fail !!!

    1. Do not rule out the Schiffster as the real blabber (some call whistleblower}; the name reported has never been verified, thus seems a ruse.

  6. Gm-13nov19
    This impeachment is a maze of illegal mumbo jumbo run by criminals in the House of Reps., have turned this House into a brothel of evil nothing more than a COUP against P/DJT before and after his swearing is willful and malicious. The dems have to be shut down and charged with treason, sedition to subvert a democratically elected President with a mandate of the people is to undermine the power and authority of an established system. The dems have made this all up like how a magician makes a rabbit appear out of thin air. They attempt to prove this president is powerless to do anything, and that is not true, the president can use his power of the constitution to declare an emergency for what the dems are doing to this country to discredit P/Trump and remove him from office, and, for what, he has not done anything wrong except negotiate business with overseas countries, They are ready to attack him on anything he does 24/7. This impeachment is a set-up by dirty politician Adam Schiff and his whistle blower in search of a wrong doing and to report back to him. Top dems are involved and work behind the scenes, these are very bad people you are dealing with and they need to be stopped. They are ruthless and unscrupulous to take down this president at all cost. The House of reps. is run by dems with full support to Adam Schiff to carry out his illegal activities and to do what it takes to impeach. This coup was planned by dems, and their declaration of war against the republicans. Why, should anyone go before the intelligence committee of corrupt dems., they need to be charged and executed for their crimes. The president should hold a cabinet meeting to discuss what line of action should be taken. Remember, they have Attorney General Bill Bar on their tracks so they want to expedite their clandestine attacks to possibly free them from charges they maybe implicated in, so they think. They do not know what charges AG/Bar or Durham shall bring forth, and, dems know they are guilty of serious crimes and at this point they do not know what to expect. They are in panic mode.

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