Wed. Jan 29th, 2020

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What Did Pelosi Gain By Withholding Articles Of Impeachment From The Senate?

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Fox News YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs, Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee, joins the debate on ‘Fox News @ Night.’

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7 thoughts on “What Did Pelosi Gain By Withholding Articles Of Impeachment From The Senate?

  1. LOOK AT THIS PICTURE OF PELOSI. WITH HER SMUG EYES AND PURSED LIPS. SHE IS BLUFFING. SHE KNOWS SHE HASNT HANDLED THIS WELL AT ALL. She and the other crazy Dems are destroying her party. It is becoming more and more communist every single day. She will gain nothing in holding up this meeting with the senate. Senator McConnell will not leet her make a fool of him. That is what she is planning on doing. She also wants to direct the entire debacle. McConnell doesnt need any help from a old, crazy, liar of a woman. And that is exactly what she has planned to do. She needs to to shut her mouth, fold her hands and listen to the Reps. And let the Senate say, “sorry, no case. Case dismissed.” and Pelosi go home before you make another fool of yourself. They are going to continue trying to find ways to get rid of Trump but possibly a good detective looking into the Dems folders of crimes committed would help. There needs to be a complete turnover of Dems. They have all been lying. Even one who I THOUGHT WAS HONEST. DINGELL. THERE ARE NONE. AND WE HAVE THE HORRID LIAR AND TURNCOAT, MITCH ROMNEY!

  2. It looks as if Nancy may have held up the impeachment to make sure Biden was free in the Iowa caucus and many of his opponents would have to be at a Senate impeachment trial. To be honest, I truly detest Bernie, our millionaire Vermont communist, but it looks as if the Dems are going to try to torpedo him again.

  3. If all she wanted is to screw over Bernie and friends, she may have succeeded. Slow joe and billionair imposter Bloomberg will be the only ones in the debate

  4. Pinocchio must be in Nancy Pelosi house , shows us chucky, where a Great education gets you/fantasy island,. Or the house of cards?

  5. Pelosy, created a ruse to obfuscate and delay the process, maybe, or probably with malicious intent. If that is proven in a court of law, and it should, she may not obtain what she thinks she wants, in the end, she may end up in hot water herself and pay a price, from which she will never be able to ever be elected for office or any other job with responsability. I am not a lawyer, nor intend to act like one, and this is my opinion.

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