Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

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Tucker: Republicans Shouldn’t Get Too Confident About 2020

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Fox News YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

Republicans think Trump’s victory in 2020 is assured.

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23 thoughts on “Tucker: Republicans Shouldn’t Get Too Confident About 2020

  1. Some of the points Tucker brings up are correct. Right here in COMMUNIST-run N.Y. “emperor” cuomo is releasing prisoners from jails back on the streets, (over 300 so far) “cash bail” for over 200 crimes was eliminated by his highness’ “royal decree”and criminals are to be “let go”, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are now being issued driver’s licenses that (again) by “royal decree” will be allowed to be used as voter id’s AND the DMV clerks are “ordered” by “royal proclamation” that IF they inform ICE of the ‘illegal” ,they will be FIRED (even though it is FEDERAL LAW for them to do so) Can they be arrested? “king” deblasio has proclaimed N.Y. city as “sanctuary” for criminal illegal immigrants. This is just ONE DEMOCOMMUNIST-CONTROLLED state. There are many more that are doing the same thing. Open your eyes American people, and vote OUT ALL Democommunists, or our Constitutional republic will no longer exist will and be replaced by a COMMUNIST-CONTROLLED form of “government” where YOU will no longer be considered “free” but will be nothing but a “subject” of the crown, to be CONTROLLED, used, abused , or “eliminated as the ‘elites’ see fit.

    1. Andrew Cuomo has nearly destroyed NYS! He is the most hated Governor in the United States. Not one person I ever talk to backs him! How does he get elected? Fraud! Illegal votes, he loses almost every county in NYS. Only the corrupt inner cities elect him! The same thing is probably going to destroy the USA!

  2. The odds are still against Trump, because of demographic trends (more young voters) and the continuing trend of rich getting richer and poor not.
    In New Zealand the conservatives got replaced by the socialists, despite rebuilding the economy and being an excellent government, so watch out.
    Your healthcare system and gun laws are still a disgrace. You would be wise to copy Australia in these areas. Trump at least needs to campaign against the tax rorts of the rich. 🙂

    1. We have plenty of gun laws. Guns don’t commit crimes, people do. What do you guys do when someone breaks into your house? As far as healthcare goes, it just needs to be affordable and government intervention has made it less affordable.

  3. Tucker spoke to 95% of what TRUMP has already DONE and what TRUMP has pledged to RUN ON in 2020. If he’s suggesting that a DEM is going to commit to “giving things away” to buy vote -(ie: forgive student loans), what is Tucker suggesting WE do – agree, offer the same??? This is BS. TRUMP’s economy HAS already produced results; is it “across the board EQUAL”??? Probably not, but when has it been??? Exactly. I do not believe ANYONE on TRUMP’s side is Overconfident come November, but TUCKER sounds a lot like a Never TRUMPER. I’ll stand with TRUMP on any policy issue he has Stood on since his election; My guess is SO WILL AMERICA!

    1. Amazing how the anti Trump’ers like Tucker who actually thought was on our side are bring exposed for what he really is. A Wolf in Sheep’s 🐑 clothing Who knew

  4. I will be standing with our President Trump. I hope he runs on something good. But we as Americans can’t promise to give away everything for Free what the hell. He can run on keeping America great.
    Trump 2020

  5. Our country is very divided. It’s been many years, but Mussolini said many years ago that the USA is strong & the only way to get rid of it is to divide it. Looks like that after all those years, that is what is happening, Wake up people!

  6. Dems are promising Free College, Free Medicare for all, including illegals, Free Free Free, everything is Free!
    Socialist-Communist Warren, Biden, and Sanders are willing to bankrupt America, to give free health care to illegals, while raising taxes on working taxpayers, to foot all the debt!

    Socialism-Communism used to be taught in schools, and it showed how people like Putin, the President of China, and Dictator Kim of N. Korea, are the only ones who benefit, from other people’s work!
    Under Socialism-Communism, you have No Individual Rights, No Freedoms, and everything you work for will be taken from you, to benefit the government!
    People thinking about voting for any Democrat for President, you bettered wise up!

  7. Carlson makes some good points, though I don’t trust him since he had been “suspended” because he seems to be leaning left more often. He is right about taking 2020 for granted. We must NOT become complacent, sitting home on our laurels while expecting a win. We MUST get out the vote…talk to people, take friends, enemies, anyone who needs a ride including the Amish to the polls to vote. We must vote as if our lives depend on it because they do, as does the life of our beloved USA!!!! Our freedoms are at stake!! We must have a huge, red tsunami washing all the DEMONazis out to sea away from Congress.

  8. Republicans Beshublicans – The measure should be those that love/appreciate individual liberty/autonomy. One more day beyond what ones efforts/funds can afford of demoncrap/communist control/influence is actual death to innocents. “Confident”??? You might as well go shoot yourself on voting day. Be Nervous in the Service as we used to say.

  9. Tucker Carlson I watch your show everyday don’t always agree with you but will continue watching
    I would love for you to have judge naphead on and drill him down I would hate to have him as my judge for a parking ticket
    Also why don’t you have little boy Wallace on make him answer some simple questions he acts like dumb cnn shelter

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