Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

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Senate Impeachment Trial Of President Trump Day 1

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Fox News YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

The impeachment trial of President Donald J. Trump begins Tuesday, Jan. 21 as Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts presides over the U.S. Senate. Sessions began at 1 p.m. ET and will run into the early evening.


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3 thoughts on “Senate Impeachment Trial Of President Trump Day 1

  1. The democratic liberals have listened to their own lies for so long that they feel they must believe them. Fact is they are doing this simply because they got mad because Trump won. They don’t seem to realize that it was the voters who put Trump in office. Many of those democratic liberals will lose their seats in the next election. The voters have long memories. I said it, I’ll stand by it.

  2. OK, Democrats, you are digging yourselves a really deep hole that you may never be able to get out of. You can’t fix stupid.

  3. I pray that every senator will see the fallacy of the democrat’s efforts to remove the best president there has ever been in my life time since 1945.

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