Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

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Israel’s Use Of Airline As Human Shield Is ‘A War Crime’ – George Galloway

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the RT America YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

A passenger plane carrying 172 people from Tehran has been forced to make an emergency landing after almost being hit by Syrian air defenses in response to an Israeli airstrike over Damascus. Former UK MP George Galloway joins In Question to discuss.

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4 thoughts on “Israel’s Use Of Airline As Human Shield Is ‘A War Crime’ – George Galloway

  1. It is a WAR ZONE. Call the FBI. IFF…Identification, Friend or Foe, all planes have a little black box…IFF.. By these standards ECM…Electronic Counter Measures (War Aircraft) should be a War Crime. Pee into the wind.

  2. It seems anti-Semitism is becoming a competitive sport or an art form, nowadays. All the little Hitlers are pulling weird new analogies out of their ANALogy regions.

  3. A surface to air missile fired from within Russia took down an airliner in Ukraine during BHO/Biden administration. Barry went and played golf, Joe helped Hunter and his buddy Archer to laundry 8 billion dollars out of Ukraine arena during this debacle. Recently, another Russian surface to air missile system took down an airliner in Tehran. Betting a Russian was in control on instructing on take down. Eventually a Russian SAM will take down an airliner over Syria just part of their MO. Could be an Iranian Airliner. Russians don’t care. At least we know that when it comes to SAMs launches they are equal opportunity MFers. Get over it. Do not blame Israel or anyone else except the Russians.

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