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Biden And Warren PLUMMET In New Hampshire Polls

( – Bad news Democrats who want to stop communist Bernie Sanders getting the nomination. A poll released by CNN and the University of New Hampshire shows that Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren, the most normal but still extreme candidates that many mainstream Democrats want to see succeed, are haemorrhaging support to Bernie Sanders. 

In a weird twist of fate, Pete Buttigieg, who was once considered a fringe candidate, is even picking up support in these new polls.  

Conducted between February 4th and 7th, the poll asked 715 people from New Hampshire how they would vote in an election. 365 of those questioned considered themselves likely to vote in the 2020 Democratic primaries. With a margin of error of +/-3.7 overall (but +/-5.1 for the respondents who consider themselves Democrats), it offers interesting results. 

Respondents were asked the following question: 

“If the Democratic primary for President were held today, which of the following would you support for the Democratic nomination?” 

Out of those who responded, 28% said they would support socialist Bernie Sanders. A further 21% said they would support Pete Buttigieg. Incredibly, former Vice President Joe Biden could only come up with 11%, and Elizabeth Warren even less at 9%.  

It is quite a different story than many were expecting, with Biden jumping 9in to the race later than others, and widely seen as the “moderate” candidate with the best chance of winning. 

Tulsi Gabbard, the advocate for freedom of speech and one of the least extreme candidates, got an impressive 6%, compared to previous polls. Senator Amy Klobuchar came behind, with just 5%.  

The poll is interesting not just because Buttigieg has suddenly become a big player, but because it is quite different to those produced previously by CNN in January. Back then, Bernie Sanders had 25% of the vote, and Buttigieg just 15%. Biden’s support was 16% and Warren’s 12%, suggesting that Buttigieg is enjoying momentum courtesy of waning Warren and Biden support.  

Sanders has been the only consistent candidate. Even back in October 2019, he was polling on top with 21% support, but Warren has been one of the biggest victims having plummeted down from second place with 18%.  

If momentum continues, Buttigieg could well become the biggest contestant for Sanders – but we all know how unpredictable these primaries can be.  

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22 thoughts on “Biden And Warren PLUMMET In New Hampshire Polls

  1. No socialist government has EVER been successful. Leads to people depending on government for sustenance , and that is the reason democrats are for it. Vote me in and we will take care of you. Really works well, just look at Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Camden, to name a few, democrats in for decades, highest murder rate, highest unemployment rate, highest crime rates overall, and the brain dead keep voting these clowns back into office. Wake Up and stop being lead by the nose, if you want socialism, go to Russia, Cuba, China, maybe then you will come out of your coma and get democrats OUT OF OFFICE!!!!!!!

    1. Democracy doesn’t work without educated and informed voters. Democracies fail when the people vote for politicians who promise to provide them with everything free. Socialism doesn’t work because, as Winston Churchill said, “sooner or later, you run out of other people’s money.” When economic growth fails to keep pace with population expansion, economic depression and inflation result, and the economy collapses. Economic growth can only be sustained by continued investment. Socialism squanders wealth and stifles investment. The problem we face in this country today is that the average IQ in our population is being severely diminished due to our reckless, irresponsible, unrestrained use of marijuana and drugs.

    2. George Just re-read your post. Even if you got rid of all democrats you’d still have socialism, police and fire protection, free interstate highways, public schooling, an entire RETARDican party you’ll have to support from cradle to grave, how’s Trumpzilla going to play gulf you really don’t expect him to pay for it do you, what about all the tax payer money they get for life, how about their free healthcare, how about all the free food they get in the Whitehouse who pays for that, who do you think pays for the tax cuts to the ultra wealthy, how about subsidizing big oil, big pharma, corporate america, farmers, Walmart workers, military, on and on the thing about socialism is you don’t understand how it works, it only helps the wealthy and politicians that control it on the radical right, capitalism works for the people socialism works for the wealthy.

    3. I don’t think most people in their districts vote, the ones that need to vote don’t feel they can make a difference and the one’s that do vote are friends or recipients of candidate … (insert name).

  2. Tulsa Gabbard is the best candidate that the Democrats have. She doesn’t have the money and doesn’t get tv coverage as other candidates. She is a military veteran,educated,and very well spoken. She, by far is the best,and most deserving candidate.

    1. I think the same thing, although she is not a conservative by any means. Medicare for all free tuition and $15 min wage are a bridge too far.

  3. Two down but we still see a True old school Communist and a homosexual with a man wife in the Devilrat with his hate for the Constitution and the other defying Christianity with his lifestyle. Now we see a full blooded U N Globalist with hordes of money tryin to buy our Presidency for the UN and his Globalist dream to come true. Thus far the Socialist Democratic Party is only showing we the voters their dream of turning this Country into a Dictatorship with one or three as the lifelong Dictator and one who cannot be removed as America goes down to the Venezuelan level and a No.75 in the world from our No.1 spot since 1947.

  4. Don’t get caught up in WORD GAMES… If butt boy says he’s not a socialist, he’s right, HES A FULL BLOWN COMMIE , raised by a full blown commie father!

  5. The following unpatriotic criminals to face the firing squad ASAP and failing that penalty, when will John Durham throw all them bloody criminals in jail ?

    Pelosi, Clapper, Bruce Orr, Brennan, Adam Schif, Nadler, Strok & his lover, Joe & the whole Biden family, Obama and all his crooked white house crew, Both whistle blowers, Waters, Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary & her gang, Bernie Sanders, James Comey, Mueller, Lt.Col. Vindman and his twin brother, Sondland and Rod Rosenstein,

  6. I don’t have a problem with paying taxes to have police, firefighters, ICE, Armed Forces, and Border Patrol Agents, to protect me, and keep Illegal Aliens out of America!
    I also do not have a problem with helping legal Americans, when it comes to welfare, if you really need it, but not if it’s because you’re just to lazy, to work!

    I do Not want my taxes to go up, to pay for Illegal Aliens to have more welfare, and health care, which is what All the Dumbo-Crats are preaching!
    It’s Not my place to work, and pay taxes so people will have free health care, and free college tuition, as Stupid Communist Open Borders 800 year old Sanders, who has already had a heart attack, wants!

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