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Lisa Murkowski To Stick With Republicans In Impeachment Hearing, But She Had These Strong Words For Donald Trump

( – It’s been a busy week in politics in the United States. President Donald Trump gave his annual State of the Union address, the Democrats are still scrambling to report Iowa caucus results, and the Senate is due to vote on Trump’s acquittal in his impeachment trial today.

For months now, it has seemed obvious that the Senate would not remove Trump from office, even before the House voted to impeach him. However, the fight raged on, with Democrats pushing hard for witnesses in the trial and trying to convince some undecided Republicans to join their side on the issue.

As of Monday, though, one of those senators who was reportedly on the fence announced she would stay on her side. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska said she would be voting to acquit Trump on Wednesday, along with almost all of her fellow Republicans.

“I cannot vote to convict,” Murkowski said in the Senate chamber Monday night. “The Constitution provides for impeachment but does not demand it in all instances.”

At first glance, this would seem like a glowing approval for Trump and a signal that the Democrats were wrong in their impeachment. However, Murkowski didn’t stop there, choosing instead to chide Trump moments after she announced she would not convict him.

“The president’s behavior was shameful and wrong,” she said. “His personal interests do not take precedent over those of this great nation.”

Her diatribe didn’t stop with Trump, though. She also criticized the entire impeachment process itself as being a political stunt.

“The House failed in its responsibilities and the Senate — the Senate should be ashamed by the rank partisanship that has been on display here,” Murkowski said. “So many in this chamber share my sadness for the present state of our institutions. It’s my hope that we’ve finally found bottom here.”

This was quite the wide-ranging speech by Murkowski — at one point a victory for Trump and the Republicans, then at the next a criticism of the presidents, then finally a criticism of the entire Capitol. She has always been sort of an “outsider,” if you will, from the rest of the Republican Party, at least to say she was considered a potential swing vote who may side with the Democrats to convict Trump. If taken in that context, then, her words are not all that surprising.

What will be interesting to see is how Murkowski’s actions, and her words, will affect her throughout the rest of her term, which is set to run through 2023. She is the second most senior woman in the Republican Party in the Senate, and is often described as one of the most moderate Republicans, making her a swing voter in a lot of cases.

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19 thoughts on “Lisa Murkowski To Stick With Republicans In Impeachment Hearing, But She Had These Strong Words For Donald Trump

  1. She should read the transcript. No mention of equipment at all. She should also know that weeding out corruption is a presidents duty. Nobody is above the law, Biden included. He will never be an opponent. He barely is a candidate. Trump is innocent.

    1. Check all of the “CRAP” that Murkowski has done for AK. CRAP is it indeed. She really IMO does not do for ALASKA. Economy DAHHHHH. Really reaching out to the Native Tribes DAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH agin,, all lot of CRAP for AK, and greatly damaging to AK,, her attitude is like ROMNEY, her FAT check from the SENATE/us taxpayers is what pumps her up to the bigshot level that she plays. Liek the Indian Chief said, “all dance and no rain”, just more smoke!

  2. Murkowski and any other Republican against Trump are being sneaky. I wish each one would name anything Trump did that he should have been impeached for. Everything he has done he has had the legal right to do it. There are some questions that could be answered by the courts that could be iffy but the Democrats do not want them outed because both parties have done them since I was born.


      1. We the PEOPLE need to MARCH on WASHINGTON D.C. in support of POTUS. Shiff and all of the dem CRAP just wont float the BOAT. These criminals in D.C. are robbing all of US in every way they can and I do mean the “olde guard,,clinton machin e,the democrat party, the traitors now in charge of the House, thieves that are sending and making SWEETHEART DEALS overseas in such places (FELONIOUS ACTS) Ukaraine, Haiti, NATO, China. It is a swamp, so if your gonna march bring your wadders!

  3. I will do everything I can to get this Rino defeated in the next election.A total moron could tell Trump didn’t do anything wrong and Biden admitted he did.Trump should have asked for that crook to be investigated.He gives the Ukraine a billion of our tax dollars and a lot of that comes back to his son.

    1. When they said “STICK IT TO THE REPUBLICANS” I seen a huge FLASH of lightning and a big BOOM of thunder!
      The headder is: 9 thoughts on “Lisa Murkowski To Stick With Republicans In Impeachment Hearing, But She Had These Strong Words For Donald Trump” ,,,dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,, we will STICK it to Donald Trump, LATER(?) LOL,,

  4. Interestingly enough there is cleaning up on both sides of the parties. It doesn’t surprise me of her comments. The Republican party has been weak and has allowed the Democrats to feel comfortable in their demise of taking down our Presidents since I can remember. There has been a double standard of conduct in the Democrat Party always and can be pointed out constantly and throughout history. A prime example is Biden and many other examples almost in everything they want you to believe about how horrible the Republicans are they actually commit to crimes. Donald Trump has tried to implement what they themselves have been for. The difference is our President makes things happen. Their role is not to abide by the laws unless it suites there needs and pushes there narrative verses that of the American People and common sense of what is just and right. The transcript is all that was needed! Opinion and feelings are not facts!

  5. Murkowski is a Rino, just like Romney. However, she is smart enough to know that if she voted with the Democrats this time, her a$$ would be out in the next election. President Trump accepted and exercised his responsibility to the Citizens of the USA, and asked for an investigation into the corrupt use of $1 Billion (or more) of USA taxpayers money. The level of Corruption that has been going on in Washington DC for over 60 years is far deeper then most people realized, and has so many layers that nobody knew the depth it would take to Drain the swamp. President Trump is doing a phenomenal job, but “We the People” can and should exercise OUR responsibility and VOTE these Socialist pushing, leftist criminals, and Rinos OUT of office. There are presently over 80 Muslims in the US Government that believes in Sharia Law, and over 90 more running for office across the US in the 2020 election. Sharia Law is in direct opposition to the US Constitution. These people are set on destroying the USA from within and they already have a stronghold in many States. Wake up America and demand these people be deported for crimes against the US Constitution. And that is JMO.

  6. The biggest problem is not the Murky views of Murkowski but the totally misinformed millenials whose only views of the law, of government, and of the structure of this country have been shaped by the liberal socalist left leaning educational system that has warped their minds and also by sucessive tuition hikes and legislation to indenture them with no hope of escaping the heavy burden of debt that enslaves them. The liberal educators are working with the Democrats to promise that they can get “free” rides and absolution of their debt if only they vote the socialists e.g. Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez, etc. into power. There is nothing I know of that is free and Somebody has to pay the price. I fear that we all will pay with our hard won freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We must re educate these youngsters to think critically and get some Street Smarts! Of course Trump will be vindicated but we must punish those who violate the laws of due process and the right of a defendant to be faced by his accuser.

  7. WE have a muslim in the governors seat in PENNSYLVANIA most voters in pa were not aware of this when he was elected
    get WOLF out as soon as possible he is also against the 2nd amendment pa hunters pay attention
    regards CLIFFORD FOSS

  8. Ms Murkowski, President Trump had every right to investigate the crimes committed by the demon rats. The Dems. did wrong not Pres. Trump. We the people want justice for The treason they have done against our pres, and our country. They, were the ones who used a foreign country to try and gather dirt on Pres. Trump. So please save your unnecessary harsh words, for the DEMON RATS, NOT PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  9. I have a strong word for Murkowski, Our President is more important to us than you, Our President has done MORE for the advancement our country more jobs more than any other President more in 3years .than any other President. So Murkowski be a team player and support our President !! If you can’t do that then maybe you should resign, We the people love our leader of the free world and I probably think he is more important to our country than you Murkowski!!!h

  10. Nothing ever changes with Murkowski! She pretty much an off the wall legislator. She has never been a team player in my view. So the only way to change anything with her is to send her walking when the time comes for her to get the votes. Just don’t vote for her.

  11. If Murkowski truly took the time and evaluate this whole situation from time Trump took office and how he was treated by the Democrat’s with investigation that were false and what he went through.With Regard’s to the transcript and the subsequent controversy it caused and how this whole situation was handled once again bias by Democrat’s.She states her concern as to the content of how it was written,well as stated sometime’s we read thing’s into something that’s not there and in this case in reading it i could not find “do me a favor”. I believe Murkowski should find another career the old saying if to cant handle the heat in the kitchen get out.

  12. Murkowski is more a Democrat than a Republican. She voted as she did in an attempt
    to save her seat. From everything I have read and have been able to dig up , the President
    was within his rights to do what he did. Also he did not ask or demand for any quid pro quo.
    As for witnesses in the Senate, that is not the job of the Senate in the Impeachment process.
    The Democrats botched the impeachment and actually behaved illegally during the process.
    I any of the House Democrats had bothered to read the rules and regulations and Constitution
    they were required to have the Republicans in their closed-door basement interrogations but
    instead, they refused to allow any opposition members of the House to attend the interviews.
    The entire Impeachment process was a fraud and illegal. The Democrats were being their usual
    arrogant , nasty selves thinking they did not have to adher to the rules of law, they were above that.

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