$21 Million Spent On “Racial” Programs Using Federal Funds

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Public schools throughout America have spent millions of dollars on what are known as DEI programs — focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Since the pandemic started, in spring 2020, public schools have spent more than $20 million combined to acquire DEI programs. DEI programs are being integrated into the workplace all over the country, and now it’s going into public schools, too.

From the school standpoint, it means that teachers are being trained in how they might change the way they are teaching students about broad topics such as social justice and fairness.

This information was provided by an education nonprofit called Parents Defending Education. The group describes itself as “a national grassroots organization working to reclaim schools from activists imposing harmful agendas.”

The group says it first started tracking data relate to DEI programs in public schools in the spring of 2021, when the group began.

As the group’s vice president for strategy and investigation, Asra Nomani, told Newsweek recently:

“The amount of money put into social justice since the tragedy of the George Floyd killing has just exploded.”

The mission of the nonprofit group is to fight what it’s calling classroom indoctrination. At the same time, they want to restore the non-political, healthy education that’s provided to kids. And this, they say, is done through coalition and network building, litigation, investigative reporting as well as engaging on state, national and local policies.

As Nomani continued:

“The consulting industry exploited George Floyd’s death, and administrators and bureaucrats quickly agreed to some multimillion-dollar contracts at the time as a way of virtue signaling.”

The industry is nothing new, as Nomani admits. The difference now is that is has become a “woke industrial complex with schools and government agencies now doling out millions of dollars to fly-by-night consultancy groups and Big Tech even as they try to come in to change the so-called cultures of schools.

“One thing they are not doing is teaching children reading, writing and arithmetic.”

The group identified come of the main consultancy companies on DEI, including Pacific Educational Group, the National Equity Project and Panorama Education.

Another, known as Akoben LLC, offers coaching services, workshops, consulting and speaking engagements that are all meant to “stretch thinking, provoke reflection and stimulate action.”

Parents Defending Education said that Akoben has brought in more than $833,000 from public schools for various DEI programs.

The CEO of that company, Malik Muhammad, has defended his company’s role in providing DEI training to public schools. He said it’s for students who don’t “see themselves in the curriculum or mentioned in the student body.

“In all of domains, whether it’s a white student chasing sexual identity issues or a poor student who comes from Somalia trying to understand what’s going on — oftentimes, if we don’t find time to talk about the differences we often default to the majority.

“When we find the opportunity to be more inclusive, those are the environments where [students] want to learn.”