22% Say They Are Unlikely To Take COVID Vaccine

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- As President Joe Biden spends millions in taxpayer money on promoting the COVID-19 vaccine to Republicans at Nascar, a new poll just found that one in five voters across America say that they are unlikely to take the vaccine.

The number is smaller than some likely would have predicted and means that even with those 22% of Americans not taking the vaccine, the nation could still reach herd immunity.

The Hill-HarrisX poll was taken between April 16 and 19, and it found that a large portion of the country – 43% – is either “somewhat” or “very likely” to take the vaccine. Some 34% also said that they have already taken the vaccine, a big step towards fully opening the country’s economies and getting America back to work.

The poll found that of those who have already been vaccinated, 40% were white, 22% were Black, and 17% were Hispanic. It offers a rough insight into opinions on the vaccine based on communities and ethnicity, given that the vaccine has generally been made available to everybody. If anything, President Joe Biden repeatedly promised to make the vaccine more available to Black and Hispanic Americans before White Americans, and still, White Americans are leading by a lot.

Dritan Nesho, the CEO and chief pollster of HarrisX, told The Hill that there are two important findings from the new data, namely that close to a quarter of voters say that they are unlikely to take the vaccine when it is made available to them.

This is a staggering figure, and we’re seeing higher hesitancy among voters in rural areas, those residing in the South and Midwest of the United States, lower income and lower educated cohorts, women, middle aged groups 35-64, and Republicans,” Nesho said.

Secondly, he added, was that the early vaccination push “has been less successful among minorities than it has been for whites in the U.S. by a factor of two to one.”

However, Nesho also said that among those waiting and wanting to take the vaccine, majorities of minority communities now say that they will opt in and take it.

He recommended that more communication is required by health authorities and the Biden administration to “land the health and economic importance of taking the vaccine.”

President Donald Trump also revealed in a Fox News interview with Sean Hannity last week that he had been asked to take part in a commercial to promote the vaccine.