300 Government Agencies Use Chinese Gear Banned By Trump

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- President Donald Trump was notorious for his hard line on the Chinese Communist Party, and the findings of a new report from research firm IPVM indicate that he was right all along…and that President Joe Biden’s reversal of various Trump-era policies on China could ultimately prove a terrible idea.

The report suggested that over 300 government departments and organizations have purchased surveillance equipment from China. It’s a problem not just because it poses a threat to United States security, but because the purchases would constitute a violation of a ban on such purchases implemented by the Trump administration back in August of 2019.

Some of the products reportedly purchased by government organizations include surveillance cameras and thermal vision cameras manufactured by Dahua and Hikvision.

IPVM also published a map showing precisely where the equipment is being used across the United States.

Under the 2019 ban, the Trump administration also banned the importation of computer parts from China, citing the likelihood that the components were being made by slaves in forced labor camps.

IPVM’s report revealed how Hikvision, which is the largest manufacturer of surveillance equipment, has extensive ties to the Chinese military and has previously conducted a study with weapons experts in China and supplied cameras to the Chinese Air Force.

The non-partisan, independent research company said that Hikvision earned top PLA supplier status in China after partnering with the Chinese military.

Hikvision defended its sales, however, with a spokesman saying that the company manufactures commercial devices that are considered “dual-use goods” and that they behave just like “many global technology companies.”

Hikvision denied conducting research and performing development work for the Chinese government or military.

It seems pretty unlikely at this point that President Joe Biden will take any action to reverse the illegal purchasing of China-linked goods…