430 Pounds Of Meth Seized At California Border Crossing

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- A massive haul of 430 pounds of methamphetamine was seized by the United States Customs and Border Protection in California over the weekend, showing once again that President Donald Trump’s strong border policy is having a positive impact on the lives of Americans. Particularly communities hit hard by drug addiction in the southern states.

Border officers assigned to the Calexico West Port of Entry made the discovery after observing a Chevrolet approaching to the border to enter the United States from Mexico. Around midnight, a Narcotics Detector Dog alerted officers to the presence of drugs in the rear of the vehicle.

Officers then sent the driver to a secondary inspection area, where the U.S. citizen was asked to leave the vehicle while officers examined the car. An imaging system scan of the vehicle revealed anomalies that prompted a physical search. It was at this point that officers discovered a haul of 23 packages of drugs.

The packages were found in the spare tire and in the floor of the vehicle.

Officials reported that the drugs seized had a value of around $1.2 million, making it a significant find. Officers then seized the vehicle and the drugs, and the driver was arrested and turned over to Homeland Security for further investigations.

It’s just one of many instances of massive drug smuggling discoveries on the border between Mexico and the United States in recent years, with the president’s wall stopping smugglers from accessing the United States illegally through their usual routes and forcing them to attempt to bypass the checks at the official border entries.

Officers reported that the fiscal year 2020, which ended at the end of September, some 156,902 pounds of methamphetamine were seized by officers, including 3,967 pounds of fentanyl. Then, during just the first month of the 2021 fiscal year, officers seized a further 1,075 pounds of fentanyl and 21,203 pounds of methamphetamine.

As it stands, 2021 is set to break last year’s record for methamphetamine seizures at the border.