73% Of Americans Think Crime Higher Under Biden Than Trump

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- A new poll just showed precisely what Americans think of President Joe Biden’s administration so far…and it’s not good for the Democrats. According to a survey by Fox News, a massive 73% of Americans see more crime every day than they did during the Trump administration.

The Fox poll said that majorities believe that crime is increasing nationally, with 73% saying there is “more” crime under Biden than Trump, and 54% saying they are seeing more crime in their local communities.

When a vast majority of America thinks the president is doing this badly, doesn’t it make you wonder whether the majority of Americans really cast their votes for someone they clearly think is…terrible?

Only 28% of Americans said that their local area is experiencing less crime under the Biden administration than under the Trump administration. It means that Americans likely have more faith in President Trump’s ability to stamp out crime – or at least, the ability of local Republican leaders to stamp our crime – but it’s also quite a statement given that 2020 was plagued by violence from far-left extremists.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots hit more than 100 cities and towns across the United States, with as much as $2 billion in damage caused by arson and destruction. And despite this, a majority of Americans are seeing more crime.

Isn’t that something President Biden should be stopping and thinking about?

It follows another poll revealed on Wednesday that revealed how some 30% of Americans sometimes feel unsafe when in public.

If President Joe Biden and Democrat governors and mayors don’t get on top of this soon, America could have a real crisis on its hands. We all know it’s not the Republican states with this problem…