A Very Concerning Loss In Upstate New York In Close Election Fight

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Republican Marc Molinaro’s loss to Democrat Pat Ryan in New York’s upstate 19th Congressional District special election on Tuesday was not a foregone conclusion, but it is cause for alarm, according to former New York Gov. George Pataki on Newsmax Wednesday.

Pataki explained that Aug. 23rd was not a typical election day, and most Americans did not vote. Mark Molinaro was defeated by an extremely liberal Democrat. But he claimed the good news is that Molinaro will run again in that district in the Fall, and he will win.

Pataki stated that one thing Republicans can be sure of between now and November is that things will change dramatically. He believed that between Biden’s trillions in borrowing, his regulatory overreach, and increased taxes, there is a genuine chance of the economy contracting, which will be a significant issue. Even though Democrats are expected to utilize abortion as a key talking point, Republicans must continue to focus on topics such as the economy and crime.

Pataki remarked that one shouldn’t modify the message only to win an election. Our messaging should remain focused on the economy, taxation, and crime in New York State.

Pataki continued by saying that it didn’t mean the abortion issue should be disregarded.
Democrats are abortion extremists. In New York, you can have an abortion up to 10 minutes before that child is born. Many voters, including many pro-choice supporters, believe that goes too far.
According to Pataki, he and his team are involved in the Ukrainian refugee crisis.
He claims the United States had been providing arms, but it’s disappointing that there is little indication of humanitarian relief being provided.

If Pataki expects Republicans to win in New York, he should be focused on “relief” in New York and leave Ukraine for Europe. No one needs half-interested suggestions from a full-time elitist.