Academy Of Medicine President Was Literally Hosting Events For Chinese State Actors

( A new report just revealed how Dr. Victor Dzau, the President of the United States National Academy of Medicine as well as an advisor for the controversial National Institutes of Health, has repeatedly worked with a Chinese Communist Party-funded organization known as the Confucius Institutes.

Dzau, who incredibly also serves on the World Health Organization’s preparedness Monitoring Board, was a member of the Honorary Host Committee for a 2017 gala event that was hosted by the Confucius Institute U.S. Center, which is the American headquarters of the CCP operation.

The Confucius Institutes have been described by the Chinese Communist Party themselves as an important part of their “overseas propaganda set-up.” The United States Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Department of Justice have also previously confirmed that the umbrella organization is guilty of intellectual property theft and even espionage.

The National Pulse determined that as well as being a host for the 2017 event, Dzau has also appeared in an hour-long interview for a video series that was produced by the group in 2018. Known as the U.S.-China Global Education Television Series, the videos aired in the United States and on China Central Television – eerily known as CCTV – over two years ago.

He has even called for greater collaboration between the United States and Communist China, praising the CCP’s role in global health initiatives and stressing the importance of China in the global arena.

“China actually has played a really important role in global health. So already, I think at least in 10 years they’ve been involved with healthcare in different countries, Africa, etcetera,” he said.

These are the people working in American government institutions?