Actor To Face “Complicated Surgery” After Accident

( Following a terrible accident, Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez will shortly have a “very complex” operation, according to his wife.

The Spanish television series “Al Derecho y Al Derbez,” “La Familia P. Luche,” and “XHDRBZ” have made Derbez famous. They rank among the top TV programs ever produced in Spanish.

Alessandra Rosaldo, an actress and singer, assured supporters that although her husband is OK, the injuries he received are sensitive. Rosaldo remained mum on the nature of the incident or the harm her husband sustained.

According to reports, the Mexican morning program “Sale el Sol” claimed that because Rosaldo maintained discretion, rumors about the singer’s health and the seriousness of the tragedy spread quickly.

According to entertainment media, journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante disclosed the cause of the comedian and producer’s illness on an episode of Sale el Sol.

The show’s host stated that Derbez and his son Vadhir were in Atlanta, Georgia. Derbez put on a virtual reality headset and proceeded to run, climb, and jump, and he ran into something. That caused ten or eleven fractures in his shoulder.

The host described Eugenio’s medical treatment as follows: They were going to operate on him there, but they noticed that he had multiple fractures and that there were sections of his shoulder that were crushed, so they moved him to Los Angeles for treatment.

Alessandra Rosaldo wrote on Instagram that although the procedure is challenging, his health is unaffected. He will need to rest for a few weeks before engaging in rehabilitation therapy, and the healing process will be drawn out and challenging.

Rosaldo kindly requested that fans allow her to communicate about the situation through her social media channels. She said Eugenio would be rehabilitating, and perhaps he would be gone from his social networks and the media. Rosaldo concluded by saying she appreciated positive feedback and Eugenio would soon recover thanks to all of them and the grace of God.