Adam Schiff Admits DOJ Isn’t Even Investigating Trump Amid Democrat Witch Hunt

( Congressman Adam Schiff continued his five years in the media spotlight on Sunday when he appeared on “Meet the Press” to complain that there is no indication that the Justice Department is investigating former President Donald Trump.

During yet another interview with Chuck Todd, Schiff was asked about the recent developments in the ongoing January 6 investigation, including a search warrant being executed at the home of Jeffrey Clark.

Host Chuck Todd noted that Schiff had been critical of the DOJ in the past for being too “passive” and asked the snake of a Congressman if he is at all reassured by the DOJ’s recent actions.

While Schiff conceded that the Justice Department seems to have a “greater sense of urgency,” he bemoaned the fact that he hasn’t seen “any indication” that the DOJ is targeting Trump himself.

Schiff again claimed that there is “sufficient evidence” that Trump “violated multiple federal laws.” Then he parroted the “nobody is above the law” talking point, adding that Trump can’t be immune from prosecution.

Chuck Todd pointed out that indicting a former president, especially at a time when the country is so divided, “could throw gasoline on this fire.” He suggested Attorney General Merrick Garland “may be really struggling” with the decision on whether or not to indict Trump and asked Schiff what he thought the worst-case scenario would be.

Schiff maintained that the decision should not be difficult “when there’s evidence before you.” He warned that the worst-case scenario isn’t that Donald Trump will run for president again and win; instead, the worst-case scenario is Trump runs and loses “and they overturn the election.”

And that will happen, Schiff added, if there is no push-back or effort to “hold people accountable.”

When Todd asked what happens if Trump is prosecuted “and he gets off,” Schiff described that as “always a risk” but added that the Justice Department has to “follow the evidence where it leads.” He said if the DOJ believes it can prove the case “beyond a reasonable doubt” it has a “duty to prosecute.”