Afghanistan virtually missing from New York Times front-page amid Biden’s foreign policy crisis

( The New York Times has long been a left-leaning magazine, but during the Trump administration, it became perfectly clear that the outlet was more of a Democrat-supporting propaganda machine. So it should probably come as no surprise to anybody that the Times has pretty much abandoned the topic of Afghanistan altogether, effectively providing cover for the Biden administration.

After President Joe Biden disastrously withdrew all U.S. troops from Afghanistan without evacuating American citizens first, and only eight days after the Kabul suicide bombing attack that saw 13 American servicemen killed while attempting to save Americans stranded in the country, the foreign policy nightmare completely disappeared from the front page of the New York Times.

Which is interesting, given that the Times has long used the slogan “All the news that’s fit to print.”

Isn’t this…fit to print?

Fox News first pointed this out last week, but it’s still the case that the New York Times has completely moved on from the story. When the first report from Fox came out, the Times’ cover was dedicated to three main stories, including Hurricane Ida, the Texas abortion bill, and another story about how the Supreme Court decided not to stop the abortion bill in Texas from being passed.

Those are the stories the New York Times chose to cover. Not Afghanistan, not the deaths of Americans, and not the impeachable behavior seen from the Biden White House in what should have been a peaceful and orderly end to America’s longest-running war.

Fox noted how the front page was totally absent on Afghanistan news, and only 51 words were dedicated to the story inside of the newspaper.

At some point we have to admit that the media is no longer fit for purpose, right?