After Sen. Paul Threatened, Twitter Finally Takes Action

( Twitter finally upheld its own policy on removing posts that incite violence last week by removing a tweet made by a long-forgotten 80s popstar who appeared to endorse the brutal attack that left Republican Senator Rand Paul with broken ribs and in hospital.

Former pop star Richard Marks had tweeted that he would like to hug and buy drinks for Senator Paul’s neighbor who famously attacked him on a front lawn, putting him in critical condition in the hospital.

On Wednesday, Twitter confirmed that they had finally removed the post after it had violated their terms…a U-turn on their previous refusal to remove the tweet.

Twitter may have been forced to reverse its prior decision not to remove the tweet after Senator Paul received a package containing a mysterious white powder and a death threat to his Kentucky home on Monday. Paul slammed Marx for being a part of a trend that has normalized violence against Republicans and suggested that the tweet could have influenced the person who sent the package.

An investigation is ongoing to find what the white powder was and who sent the threat to Senator Paul.

Paul responded to the threat on Twitter saying that he takes them “immensely seriously.”

He added that it was “reprehensible” for Twitter to allow a C-list celebrity to encourage violence against him and his family.

Twitter might have removed the post, but Marx remains on the platform, and has repeatedly retweeted other users praising him for posting the message.

At this point, there’s no way Twitter can claim to be a platform…this is the behavior of a publisher.