Al Sharpton Says It’s “Unamerican” To Stop Accepting Shady Money Payments

( Rev. Al Sharpton had a weird defense of businesses who wish to stay cash-only…he thinks it’s a matter of discriminating against “marginalized groups.”

Everything is about race with this guy!

During a discussion on MSNBC on Sunday, Sharpton joined Democratic New Jersey Rep. Donald Payne Jr. to discuss the growing trend of cashless venues. And while many people may have legitimate concerns about moving to a classless society, few think it’s an issue of race. But Sharpton said that the physical elimination of legal currency when consumers make transactions is not just inconvenient, but “discriminating” against marginalized people.

Rep. Payne has introduced legislation that would ban stores from blocking cash transactions – which is interesting. Democrats are usually interested in generating as much tax as possible, and blocking cash transactions makes it easier for businesses to hide their earnings from the government.

The two men argued that there are 55 million Americans who either don’t have bank accounts, or are “underbanked.” Whatever that means.

Sharpton also referred to a survey from 2019 that said people who are “underbanked” typically come from “households of color” that are “less educated,” and that they were specifically Hispanic and Black families.

Is Rev. Sharpton so racist that he thinks Black and Hispanic Americans aren’t able to walk to a bank and apply for an account? Or go online and get one for free in a matter of minutes?

Sharpton argued that when businesses go cashless, they are alienating communities of color.

Oh please.

Rep. Payne also argued that people may not have a bank because of a “distrust” in the financial systems or a lack of income, adding that Americans should “have the freedom to pay in the way that is most convenient to them.”

What do you think? Are the Democrats right about preserving cash transactions, but just wrong about the reasons why it’s important to keep?

You can see the interview here.