Al Sharpton Thinks New York Crime Is Out Of Control

( Even Rev. Al Sharpton, the far-left, race-baiting so-called “civil rights” activist, has called on newly-elected New York City Mayor Eric Adams to do more about the city’s massive spike in crime.

Speaking to Politico, Sharpton acknowledged that the crime problem in New York City is “out of control,” but did indicate that he would give the new mayor more time to take control of the problem.

“In fairness to Eric, he’s only been mayor five weeks,” he said. “But even as a fan of him, Eric, they’re locking up my toothpaste.”

Sharpton is right to point this out. New York City has seen a massive outflux of residents to upstate New York and even to various Red states, including Texas and Florida. The New York Police Department revealed this month that the month of January saw a 38.5% increase in overall crime compared to January 2021. And January 2021 wasn’t exactly a great month for crime, either.

Sharpton’s toothpaste comment was made in reference to the fact that pharmacies in the city are locking up toothpaste and other items to prevent shoplifting.

Mayor Adams, who is a former NYPD captain, should understand the importance of law enforcement in the city. So far, however, he has failed to introduce any new measures designed to crack down on crime.

Instead, the new Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg announced that “decriminalization” of many offenses in the city will “make us safer.”

In a memo sent in January, Bragg’s office called for the decriminalization and non-prosecution of turnstile jumping, resisting arrest, marijuana possession, and interfering with an arrest.

So while crime is spiking, the Manhattan DA is making life easier for criminals.

And if Rev. Sharpton is even picking up on it…shouldn’t Mayor Adams?