Alabama Senate Contender Exposed In Sex Scandal

( Republican Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill, who is believed to be preparing for a run for the United States Senate, was revealed this week to have had an extramarital affair between July 2019 and November 2020.

The alleged former mistress of Merrill, Cesaire McPherson, came forward with the story to conservative news outlet National File. McPherson, who is a legal assistant, said that she even had sexual relations with Merrill in his marital bed.

National File reporter Patrick Howley went into extreme detail about the sexual affair, describing the exact sex acts that he and McPherson allegedly engaged in. He claimed that McPherson described him using a government vehicle to visit her home, and his government phone to send erotic text messages to her.

McPherson also claims to have recorded herself having sex with the secretary of state, and claimed that Merrill would engage in physical fights with her that caused her to have bruises.

“I have had some bruises on my wrists and arms. I took pictures of those things. We did get in a few fights. And, he never slapped me or punched me, but he would grab a hold of my arms and my wrists. I took pictures. And even one time I broke his cell phone. The State cell phone. I offered to pay for it. But he said no. He said it was his fault…I had to call and schedule an appointment for him to go in and have it fixed. But he took it in there and he waited for it to be fixed. Because I’m sure he wanted to make sure nobody got any information off of it,” she told the National File.

Howley also claims to have obtained screenshots of text messages between Merrill and McPherson, during which they would discuss their plans to have sex during their affair.

“Merrill also posted a photo to his Facebook page, in which Cesaire is pictured with John Merrill in November 2018 at the Alabama State Capitol. Multiple sources deeply invested in Alabama politics confirmed the existence of the affair between Cesaire and John Merrill to NATIONAL FILE,” Howley writes.

National File is a pro-Trump news outlet, and the report appears to be part of a campaign against the potential Senate candidate as he goes up against Rep. Mo Brooks, an America First candidate looing to take the same seat.