Alan Dershowitz Predicts Alec Baldwin To Face Homicide Charges

( Notorious Constitutional law expert and attorney Alan Dershowitz predicted this week that far-left actor Alec Baldwin is likely to face homicide charges after shooting cinematographer Halyna Hutchins dead on set.

On Sunday, Dershowitz published an opinion piece describing how the killing of Hutchins on the set of a new movie produced by Baldwin titled “Rust” would likely see Baldwin charged with homicide, or at least facing homicide charges.

Court documents revealed how Baldwin was handed a gun and told it was “cold,” meaning it wasn’t loaded. Instead of following normal gun safety protocol and checking the chamber for himself, Baldwin blindly trusted what he was told and shot a live round at Hutchins.

Dershowitz said that two things about the incident are clear enough to determine he is facing homicide charges.

“Guidelines seem not to have been followed in this case, and the existing guidelines seem insufficient to prevent accidents like this,” he said.

Dershowitz added that it is therefore likely that the death of Hutchins will be considered a homicide, or a criminal killing. The questions now, however, focus on who is technically criminally responsible for her death and what degree of homicide suits the evidence that’s available.

He said that it appears clear that Baldwin wasn’t aware he was firing a gun that was able to expel a lethal projectile but added that his role isn’t limited to passively being an actor.

“He may have had some responsibility as one of several producers of the film,” he said.

Dershowitz said that it’s reasonable to assume that Baldwin was responsible for set safety, and that it’s reasonable to expect him to have independently inspected the gun before he fired it.

Others on the set also bear great responsibility, he added, saying that their roles should also be investigated.

We thought 2020 was a wild year. In 2021, Joe Biden is president and Alec Baldwin shot someone.