Alec Baldwin and Wife Delete Twitter Accounts

( Sorry, Twitter. You won’t have Alec Baldwin to kick around anymore.

At least for a while anyhow.

Just days after his ill-advised interview with ABC News, Alec Baldwin and his faux Spanish wife Hilaria deleted their primary Twitter accounts.

Baldwin removed his @alecbaldwin account late Sunday night. Then the Twitter account for Baldwin’s foundation, @ABFalecbaldwin, was removed on Monday.

Faux Senorita Hilaria deleted her @HilariaBaldwin account on Monday as well.

Baldwin’s other verified Twitter account, @AlecBaldwln__, remains but has been set to private.

And while they’re shaking the dust of Twitter off their expensive shoes, Baldwin and Hilaria both remain active on Instagram.

Thus far, the couple that hasn’t shut up since Alec shot and killed the cinematographer for his movie “Rust” haven’t uttered a peep about their Great Twitter Exodus.

But over the years, Alec has stormed off Twitter in a huff on several occasions, always to return.

In 2011, after Alex got kicked off a flight from LA to New York for throwing a tantrum, he announced that he was swearing off Twitter.

And he returned.

Then in 2012, he swore off Twitter again after getting into a brawl with photographers before his wedding.

In 2013, after a Daily Mail reporter attacked Hilaria for posting upbeat tweets during actor James Gandolfini’s funeral, Alec anger-tweeted at the reporter then added “f**k this twitter” on his way out the door.

In 2014, Alec even penned a column for New York magazine huffily titled “I Give Up” in which he announced he was done with social media and public life in general.

He wasn’t.

And in January of this year, Alec left Twitter again when Hilaria’s Faux Latinx charade was exposed.

How long this most recent Twexodus lasts is anybody’s guess.

Though, if Alec’s lawyers are worth the money he’s paying them, his latest exit from Twitter may have been their idea.

During his ill-advised interview with George Stephanopoulos on Sunday, Baldwin didn’t do himself any favors. He blamed his victim for her death, claiming he only pointed the gun at her because she told him to. He also claimed that he never pulled the trigger; the gun just went off of its own accord.