Alex Jones Responds To “Bankruptcy” Claims

( According to the mainstream media, three companies linked to far-right radio personality Alex Jones filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today amid litigation over bogus claims regarding the 2012 Sandy Hook tragedy.
For years, the media elites have been pursuing the canceling of Alex Jones and Infowars, and their Big Tech friends are on board.
Alex Jones issued a statement on Monday in reaction to the media onslaught. Alex Jones has vowed not to allow the corporate media to triumph.
Did Alex Jones-Infowars declare bankruptcy?
Alex Jones says, no, that is not the case.
He said he is satisfied that the federal system has the skills and expertise necessary to resolve these issues fairly. Jones said, “we do not have all of this money, as the corporate media and these folks know.”
The aim is to attempt to obtain huge verdicts that can’t be paid so they can shutter the doors and block Jones from being on the air anywhere else, which they won’t be able to accomplish, according to the InfoWars host.
Prison Planet TV and IW Health also filed for bankruptcy.
In a trial to decide how much Jones should pay the families of Sandy Hook victims, jury selection was expected to begin next week in Austin. Later this year, he will face identical charges in Connecticut.

Jones’ followers allegedly harassed and threatened the plaintiffs in those instances because he propagated the conspiracy theory that crisis actors manufactured the incident for the federal government to take away weapons and regulate firearms.

Since then, Jones has admitted that the shooting did take place.

Court records show that Jones’ Infowars store, which sells nutritional supplements and survival gear, made more than $165 million between 2015 and 2018.