Amazon Suspends Conservative Author

( Another day, another episode of Big Tech censorship of conservative content.

This time, the target is conservative author Rob Shimshock, whose new book, Nightmare Crescendo: Breaking the Chokehold of Woke Capital just hit Amazon on Monday.

Shimshock’s work is a blend of genres, rich with political satire, skewering the Left and its willing enablers in the woke corporate world.

The problem is, Amazon doesn’t actually want Shimshock selling copies on its platform. Just a couple days after its release, Shimshock was notified that the ad campaign he started to promote the book was suspended. In a message to the author, Amazon said it removed the ad because it referred to “content that is not allowed.” Apparently, the line they objected to in the ad was “Woke Capital is rising. Become the instrument of its demise.” Amazon also dinged the ad for “incorrect capitalization” in apparent reference to the word “Capital” in “Woke Capital.”

Just the same, Amazon’s effort to smother Nightmare Crescendo seems to have backfired. As of Friday, the book is Amazon’s “’#1 New Release’ in Political Humor.”

What’s most amusing about this particular instance of attempted censorship is the failure on the part of the censors to see the almost comical irony of their actions: a book satirizing the unlimited power of corporate tech oligarchs is censored by the biggest tech behemoth of them all. Maybe instead of satire, Rob should rebrand the book as a documentary.

All joking aside, Big Tech censorship has become one of the most chilling concerns we face as Americans. But conservatives are finally beginning to fight back. Already, legislation is taking shape in states like Georgia and Florida to ban social media platforms from censoring speech.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is leading the way toward a legal solution to the problem of Big Tech censorship, signaling in April that the Court could put a stop to silencing and de-platforming sooner rather than later.

It’s encouraging. But to prevent more cases like Rob Shimshock’s, more conservatives and Americans of good conscience need to start fighting back against the unelected oligarchs deciding what can and can’t be said, printed, or posted.