Amy Klobuchar Thinks Obama Deported “TOO MANY” People!

( – In yet another U-turn, so-called “moderate” Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar has claimed that former President Barack Obama deported too many illegal aliens during his time in office.

Until recently, Klobuchar was firmly on the side of the Democrats’ “moderate” camp, but as the race to become the nominee hots up, has chosen to adopt more radical policies. Just days ago, Klobuchar suggested that she believed that English should no longer be the national language of the United States.

Her suggestion that she was taking a “strong position against” English as the US national language is in direct contradiction of her vote in 2007 to support it.

During CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday, Klobuchar went one step further, suggesting that President Obama not only deported too many people, but “went way too far”. Klobuchar confirmed her new far-left credentials suggesting illegal aliens who did not have criminal records should not have been deported by the Obama administration.

Does Klobuchar not realize that crossing the border illegally is a crime, and that every illegal alien is a criminal?

Margaret Brennan, Face the Nation host, asked, “On the specifics of what you would do differently, Joe Biden did an interview with Univision in which he was pressed over the deportations of three million people during the Obama administration. He says now that was a big mistake. Do you believe it was a mistake for the administration to deport people who did not have criminal records?”

After starting that he believed it “went way too far,” Klobuchar said, “And I think you’ve seen a lot of that across our country. The question is, what do we do going forward? And to me, the very straightforward answer is comprehensive immigration reform. It would save $158 billion in reduction on the deficit in just 10 years.”


Klobuchar offered no explanation of how allowing illegal immigrants to destroy the American job market would benefit the economy or save taxpayers money. However, she did go on to say how she would spend the imaginary savings.

“And part of that money, when you talk about deportations, could be used for our asylum process, to improve that. Part of it could be used to help those Northern Triangle countries and allow people to seek asylum from those countries.”

Klobuchar concluded by stating that, as president, she would immediately “stop the heinous practice of separating kids from their parents at the border” within her first 100 days.

Klobuchar is clearly taking on the radicals in the Democratic race, in an attempt to win over radical left-wing voters in the party. Time will only tell whether far-left policies will appeal to most voters in a national election.

(Hint: they won’t).