Andrew Accused Of Obstructing Investigation

( Disgraced Democratic Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo was accused this week of interfering with an investigation by the state attorney into accusations made against him by at least half a dozen women.

Attorney Debra Katz, who represents the second woman who accused Cuomo of sexual harassment, said on Monday that the governor’s office sent lawyers to meet with members of staff before they were interviewed by the attorney general as part of the investigation.

If true, it means that Cuomo’s office may be attempting to use fear to silence members of staff who may be willing to discuss any instances of abuse they have witnessed during their time working for him. It may also simply mean that Cuomo’s staff were invited to drink tea and talk about the weather.

But we know which one is more likely…

Katz alleged that Cuomo’s attorneys “debriefed” employees after their interviews.

“What the governor is doing is classic ‘intimidation of witnesses 101,’” Katz said.

“Trying to know what witnesses are telling investigators after their interviews or asking to come along is clearly designed to chill people’s willingness to speak to investigators,” she added.

Katz is also active on Twitter and responded to a tweet describing how Joon Kim, the lawyer representing the New York state attorney general for the Cuomo investigation, was broadening his investigation.

“The investigators are thorough and have made clear that the will follow all appropriate leads,” Katz said in the tweet.

As the state attorney general leads a thorough investigation into the allegations made against Cuomo, the Democratic Governor is still battling calls from people even within his own party to resign. Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has already indicated that she thinks it may be time for Cuomo to step down, and a majority of New York state legislators in both parties have also called on him to leave office.

Cuomo’s office, however, claims to be performing its own probe into the allegations.