Andrew Giuliani Says FBI Raid Goes “Straight To The Top”

( Andrew Giuliani, the son of former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani, told Newsmax TV this week that the FBI raid on his father’s home goes “right to the top of the White House” and is part of a political campaign against his father for his efforts to take evidence of fraud and misconduct in the 2020 presidential election to the courts.

The young Giuliani slammed President Biden as a liar, saying, “When Joe Biden says ‘I didn’t know about it,’ I don’t buy that.”

“I’m sorry, Greg,” he said to Greg Kelly. “This is the same guy who plagiarized. This is the same guy who’s continually lied to the American people.”

He added that while he respects the presidency, he doesn’t respect President Biden’s word.

And who would? Candidate Joe Biden promised that his massive proposed tax increases wouldn’t affect any American earning less than $400,000, but after taking office, he reduced that number to $200,000.

Giuliani’s home was raided by the FBI last week in connection to an investigation relating to his alleged business dealings in Ukraine. Reports claim that 10 computers and phones were obtained in the process, with federal investigators looking to see whether there was a plot to oust the US envoy to Ukraine.

Giuliani’s son said that because President Joe Bidens’ son, Hunter Biden, was embarrassed by the contents of a laptop he abandoned at a Delaware computer repair store, the White House is out to get Giuliani and throw the American people off the scent. Hunter Biden’s laptop not only contained pornographic images and videos of himself and very young women, as well as footage of him taking drugs, but also confirmed reports that he was engaging in lucrative foreign business deals off the back of his father’s influence.

“He certainly has motive to see this out,” Andrew Giuliani said. “And so I’m just putting two and two together, seeing the way the Justice Department and the media’s treated this, and I think this goes right to the top of the White House.”

Is President Biden targeting Giuliani to get his son off the hook?