Andrew Yang Is Leaving The Democrat Party

( Remember Andrew Yang? He’s the businessman who ran in the 2020 Democrat presidential primary advocating a policy of Universal Basic Income. He went on to unsuccessfully run in the recent Democrat primary for New York City Mayor.

Now, Yang has announced that he will be forming a third party next month. Politico revealed the news, describing how Yang’s party would coincide with the release of a new book titled, “Forward: Notes on the Future of Our Democracy.”

Either he is really, really bitter…or Andrew Yang might have realized that the Democratic Party is so corrupt that an outsider like him would never have a chance of winning anything.

Yang has not announced the name of the new party, nor has he revealed any details about any high-profile members or how he expects the party to succeed in a system dominated by the two main parties.

Crown, the publisher of Yang’s new book, says that the author argues that the country needs “bold new ideas to rewire it for twenty-first-century problems.” A statement on the publisher’s website said that Yang was inspired to write the book after running for office, and spending years in the private sector where he drew ideas from leading thinkers.

The son of Taiwanese immigrants, Yang is an example of how you can make it in the United States if you work hard, no matter where you come from.

Yang receives an unlikely message of support from Republican candidate for New York City Mayor, Curtis Sliwa, who said that he understands the “vitriol” directed towards outsiders in the main parties.

Referencing his time as the Chairman of the New York State Reform Party, he said that he fully supports Yang’s decision to form a third party, and that he wishes him the “best of luck.”

That’s class right there.