Andrew Yang Joins Joe Rogan Saying He’s Not Racist

( On Sunday, former Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang bravely tweeted out his defense of podcaster Joe Rogan. But as soon as he received angry blowback, the cowardly Yang quickly deleted his tweet and offered a groveling apology.

Not so brave after all, is he?

Over the weekend, the mob looking to cancel Joe Rogan switched gears from accusing him of spreading COVID “misinformation” to accusing him of being a racist. Because when all else fails, cry “racist.”

In a tweet on Sunday, Yang defended Rogan, saying he didn’t think Joe Rogan was a racist. Yang, who has appeared on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” argued that Rogan “interacts with and works” with black people “literally all of the time.” He added that he knows Joe Rogan’s black friends “swear by him.”

In no time, the perpetually angry mob descended on Andrew Yang. And rather than stand by his words, the cowardly Yang deleted the tweet.

Afterward, Yang offered up a Twitter thread where he claimed he deleted his other tweet “because it was wrong-headed.” He acknowledged that racism is “real, deep, corrosive and even lethal” and he apologized to the people he hurt saying it wasn’t his intention to hurt anyone.

If you find yourself apologizing for defending someone who is falsely accused of racism, you’re a coward. And Andrew Yang is a coward.

It isn’t racism, but cancel culture that’s “real, deep, corrosive, and even lethal.”

And the fact that Andrew Yang wouldn’t even stand by his support for Rogan pretty much proves it.

But he wasn’t done apologizing.

Yang then called on people to have more empathy for others, adding that he has made it a goal to uplift everyone “particularly those on the outside looking in” because of “poverty or marginalization or race.”

He vowed he would continue “doing all I can for a more fair, equitable and just country.”

There is nothing “just” or “fair” about the campaign to cancel Joe Rogan.

But rather than stand up against those who are smearing him, the cowardly Yang bends the knee and capitulates.