Ann Coulter: Bernie Sanders FLIPPED On Immigration

( – Conservative author and anti-immigration stalwart Ann Coulter hit the nail on the head on Wednesday when she told Breitbart News Tonight that Bernie Sanders would have helped himself had he not changed his position on immigration.

The New York Times best-selling author explained during the SiriusXM Patriot show that Bernie Sanders once defended working-class Americans against open border policies that destroy wages, but now parrots the same line as the rest of the Democratic presidential candidates. Coulter referred to instances throughout the last presidential campaign where Sanders described open borders as a “Koch brothers proposal.”

During the interview, Coulter said Bernie Sanders “would have helped himself if he had not flipped on immigration.”

“And I’m not just saying because I think he shouldn’t have switched on immigration. But if not flipping your support for Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro doesn’t hurt you, if instead that can be seen as admirable consistency. For one thing, he’d get huge consistency points,” she said.

Coulter also explained how opposition to uncontrolled immigration is not about race, but something that all Americans care about.

“This crazy idea that only members of the Republican National Committee believe and apparently a lot of our media is that what Hispanics living here legally really really want is for their deadbeat brothers-in-law is to come up and sleep on the extra couch and undercut their wages,” she added, before saying, “No, it’s the entire working class.”

“African-American working class, the Hispanic working class, the white working-class who are hurt the most by mass low wage immigration.”

Coulter’s message has remained consistent her entire professional life, and her support of Donald Trump during the last presidential campaign focused largely on his promises on immigration. Since then, the relationship between the two has soured as Coulter continues to challenge the president over the lack of progress on the border wall.

Her message that non-white Americans care about immigration too is something Democrats could learn from. Even former President Barack Obama, as she correctly noted, realized that amnesty would not win over Hispanic Americans.

“Consider that in 2012 when Romney was running against Obama, all the Republicans, Rupert Murdoch were haranguing Romney to drop that self-deportation thing. ‘No, no, you’ve got to be for amnesty. We need the Hispanic vote’. Democrats just sit back with their feet up on the desk thinking ‘Oh yeah, you do that Republicans,’” she said.

Coulter then explained how even Obama’s ads in Spanish never mentioned amnesty.

Isn’t it about time Republicans and Democrats started taking Coulter more seriously on immigration? The Democratic presidential candidates could certainly learn a thing or two!