AOC Gets Just 2% In Democrat Caucus Poll Without Biden

(  The results are in, and things aren’t looking so good for progressive Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Bernie Sanders.

A poll released this week by Victory Insights shows that the two extremely progressive members of Congress have very low support from voters for a presidential run in 2024. The poll was researching the support various Democratic politicians would have in the Iowa Democratic presidential caucuses in 2024 if they didn’t include President Joe Biden.

The poll found that the far-and-away leader of the pack is Vice President Kamala Harris. She polled with 28% support from voters. Next in line is another of Biden’s Cabinet members, Pete Buttigieg. The Secretary of Transportation garnered 15% support from voters.

AOC and Sanders don’t even fall next in line, either. That spot is occupied by former First Lady Michelle Obama, who received 12% support. Then comes Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, a former candidate herself, with 9% of the votes.

Following Klobuchar is John Kerry, the former 2004 nominee for the Democratic Party, at 7%. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, another former candidate in 2020, garnered 3% support.

The two progressive members of Congress even ranked behind “undecided,” at 16%, and 5% of voters who said they’d vote for “someone else” other than the people specifically listed in the poll.

At the end, AOC and Sanders each received only 2% of support from the people polled by Victory Insights. So, while the two progressive members of the House and Senate make a heck of a lot of noise on Capitol Hill, their messages don’t seem to resonate anymore with future Democratic voters.

When Biden is included in the poll, he’s the clear leader, with 63% of support. With Biden included as an option, only 11% of people said they’d vote for someone else, though 26% said they’d still be undecided.

Biden received the strongest support from those who considered themselves to be progressive. Of those who said they’d support Biden, 73% termed themselves as “very progressive,” compared to 43% who said they were “very moderate.”

The interesting part of the poll is that those who considered themselves to be progressive were among the least likely respondents to say they’d vote for Sanders or AOC. In the poll, only 3% of the progressive said they’d support Sanders, who many consider to be the figurehead of the progressive movement. AOC only got 2% of support from progressives.

In the 2020 Iowa caucuses, Sanders won 24.7% of the votes, which was the largest share. The state was ultimately won by Buttigieg, though, where he got the delegates even though he had a smaller share of the popular vote.

Biden placed third in 2020 in Iowa, with only 13.7% of the vote.

Sanders has run for president in each of the last two elections, but has fallen short, coming in second to the eventual Democratic nominee.

AOC has not run for president yet, but she hasn’t been old enough to do so thus far. She’ll be 34 years old by the time the Iowa caucuses come around in 2024, but she’ll turn 35 by the time of the General Election, meaning she’d qualify based on the age requirement.