AOC Suggests She, Sort Of, Believes Tara Reade…But Still Endorses Joe Biden

(TheLibertyRevolution.Com)- It took a while for socialist, far-left congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to announce that she supports presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Now that she has officially endorsed him, however, it’s proving difficult for her to change her mind.

During an interview with NPR, Ocasio-Cortez discussed the allegations made about Joe Biden by former Senate staffer Tara Reade. She explained how the accusation of Biden sexually assaulting Reade is not “clear cut” but she did indicate that she believed “something” did happen.

What’s worse – AOC believing it happened but endorsing Joe anyway, or AOC believing something happened by that someone else did it, and not Joe?

“It certainly seems as though something has happened. I’m not sure,” she told NPR.

That doesn’t sound very pro-woman, AOC!

“Frankly, this is a messy moment, and I think we need to acknowledge that – that it is not clear-cut.”

Ocasio-Cortez struggled to say either way whether she believes what really happened, but somehow still dared to defend Reade and say people aren’t giving her the justice she deserves.

“Instead of focusing on her account, instead of focusing on her story as a survivor, people are fast forwarding to the political implications,” she said, before saying focusing on politics and not her story “denies justice” to Reade.

Reade would likely agree with AOC, at least on that point. Reade is a life-long Democrat who has criticized Republicans and Democrats alike for using her as a political tool in the 2020 campaign. However, if Ocasio-Cortez really does believe that Reade is a survivor, then it exposes these talking points as nothing more than just a deflection away from holding Biden accountable.

“If anything, it sounds like she simply wants to be heard…It seems as though she does not feel she’s been heard yet,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

Well maybe if more Democrats took her accusation seriously, and didn’t dismiss her accusation, perhaps she would feel like she has been heard.

AOC’s inability to say one way or another whether she believes what Reade says is strikingly different from her behavior during the Brett Kavanaugh trials. This is another example of Democrats giving special treatment to their own people when it comes to accusations of sexual assault, and relentlessly attacking Republicans for the same thing.