AOC Tries To End Law Regarding Immigration

( She might not be heading to the border to stage crying photo-ops, but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is still on a mission to utterly dismantle US immigration law and border enforcement

In a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas and ICE Director Tae Johnson, Ocasio-Cortez, along with 33 other Democrats demanded an end to the “discriminatory criminal legal system” that results in the deportation of illegal aliens felons.

If anyone should be deported, it’s someone who comes into the US illegally and commits violent crimes against US citizens.

But of course AOC disagrees.

One of the central complaints in AOC’s letter is the deportation of any illegal alien convicted of an “aggravated felony.”

Calling the term a “relic of the racist War on Drugs,” the letter claims it is used to ensure the criminal illegal has “as few rights as possible” to fight against detention and subsequent deportation.

The letter also accuses ICE of racial profiling by assuming that a criminal convicted of gang activity is a public safety threat.

Tucker Carlson invited former ICE Director Jonathan Fahey on his show to discuss AOC’s letter:

As Tucker’s guest points out, there is no consideration given to the victims of these criminal illegals.

His focus on the real-world effects from America’s open borders policies was a large part why Donald Trump won in 2016.

Very early in his 2016 campaign, Trump visited with the group Angel Moms – families of those killed by illegal aliens. His meeting and subsequent press conference with Angel families in July 2015 was the first time any major party Presidential candidate took the time to draw attention to the victims of America’s illegal immigration problem.

In 2019, after President Trump highlighted Angel Moms during his State of the Union Address, the media attacked both him and, in the case of Vox, the Angel Moms.

All the work President Trump did to put American citizens first is being unraveled at breakneck speed.

Now radical open borders advocates like AOC have a sympathetic ear in DHS Secretary Mayorkas.

And not only will the Angel Moms once again be forgotten, there will no doubt be more of them.