AOC Wants To Remove The Last Anti-Abortion Democrat From The House

( Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York is endorsing a primary opponent against a Texas Democrat in an attempt to unseat the House’s only pro-life Democrat.

On Tuesday, Ocasio-Cortez took to Twitter to urge supporters to vote for Texas Democratic candidate Jessica Cisneros in a runoff race against Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar in the state’s 28th District.

She said that his challenger has a real shot, but he needs help,

In March, Cuellar received just 48% of the primary vote in his district, prompting a runoff election against Cisneros on May 24.

Cisneros said after the primary that they demonstrated how powerful their movement is, and they are ready to keep fighting for the future they deserve. By working together, they will reclaim control from Big Oil, private prisons, and Wall Street and return it to the people.

In her fight against Cuellar, Cisneros has often stated her support for reproductive health care.

She’s tweeted that Cuellar was the lone Democrat to vote against preserving human rights, referring to his vote against an abortion measure in the House.

She said that his opposition to the #WHPA is a vote against reproductive health care for all Texans.

A runoff will also be held between the two leading Republican candidates. Cassy Garcia, a former aide to Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz, received slightly over 23% of the vote in the primary. Sandra Whitten, a Republican, came in second with 18.2 percent of the GOP vote in the district.

Because the district is heavily Democrat, the victor of the Democratic runoff will have an edge in the November midterm election.

Cuellar was also in the news recently when the FBI raided his house in January in connection with a possible probe. Cuellar, according to reports, was not the subject of the inquiry and has not been charged.

Cuellar has also been outspoken in his complaints about the White House over the Biden administration’s open border policies, which have harmed his constituency.

Cuellar hit back against criticism of US Border Patrol officials who forced Haitian asylum applicants out of Del Rio, Texas, on horseback in July. He also refuted incorrect reports that an agent used a whip while charging his horse toward the migrants.

In July, Cuellar also enraged many Democrats when he sent a joint letter with South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham criticizing Biden’s border crisis.

A “border czar” was proposed in the bipartisan letter to combat the rising number of migrants.