Appeals Court Reinstates Ron DeSantis’ Order

( On Friday, popular Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis won a big legal victory when the First District Court of Appeals reinstated his ban on schools forcing children and staff to wear masks.

It wasn’t just a win for Florida Republicans, but also for parents who want to make decisions about the health of their children. The court ruling means that Florida can go ahead with plans to defund schools that choose to implement mask mandates that will force young children to wear masks even though the science shows that children are not at any serious risk at all of contracting or developing symptoms of COVID-19.

A spokesperson for DeSantis office praised the decision by the courts. Christina Purshaw announced on Twitter on Friday that the decision will protect parents’ rights to make choices about their children and that their rule is back in effect.

The great news comes after the state of Florida filed an emergency appeal after a lower court in Leon County blocked the ruling. DeSantis has since been smeared in the media as advocating for policies that put children in danger, which is not true.

Charles Gallagher, an attorney who opposed DeSantis’ policy and the decision made by the court, said that he is “disappointed” with the result and said that the decision means that “students, parents and teachers are back in harm’s way.”

Remember at the very beginning of the pandemic when it was made extremely clear that the people most vulnerable to COVID-19 are older people and those with comorbidities, and not children?

Maybe the Democrats don’t believe in following the science anymore…