Apple Is Quietly Blocking Access To ChatGPT Tool 

( reported on Thursday that the co-founder of the app BlueMail said Apple Inc. had prevented him from releasing an upgrade to the app. The GPT-3 language model developed by OpenAI is used by BlueMail, with certain modifications. 

An official from Blix named Ben Volach said, “Apple has stopped the BlueMail upgrade and continues to abuse BlueMail and to discriminate against us.” 

He noted that the restriction does not apply to all GPT-powered programs. 

BlueMail may produce content unsuitable for all audiences, so Apple reportedly rejected the app update last week and asked the company to either implement content filtering or change the app’s age rating to indicate that it is only suitable for users over the age of 17. Reuters viewed a document detailing the rejection of the app update. 

Volach said in a tweet that the group is seeking retribution. They said if their app needs people 17 or older to use it, everyone else should also be. He pointed out that multiple other programs that provide functionality comparable to ChatGPT but are accessible through Apple’s app store do not have age requirements. 

Apple has said that developers may appeal an App Review Board decision. The company is now looking into the situation. 

According to D.A. Davidson analyst Thomas Forte, this might mean that applications using ChatGPT capabilities would be subjected to the same level of scrutiny as other apps in cases where the firm doubts the usefulness of the app’s content or the safety of its services. 

OpenAI’s ChatGPT’s ability to produce content responding to user requests has fascinated the IT world. 

Both Microsoft and Google, which is part of Alphabet Inc., revealed the release of their artificial intelligence chatbots at the beginning of February. 

Although artificial intelligence chatbots have recently been developed, their startling early results in search and conversation have made the news.