Apple Trying To Shut Down Competition Of Apps In Disgusting Move

( Apple is fighting really hard against accusations that it engages in anti-competitive behavior, claiming that the company’s refusal to allow people to “sideload” apps onto their phone “eliminates choice.”

How does allowing people to choose to install more software onto their devices…eliminate their choice?

The company has long claimed that it does not allow users to install any software from outside of the Apple App store for fears of safety, with the App Store performing checks to make sure that software does not compromise users’ safety or privacy.

The company’s head of user privacy, Erik Neuenschwander, recently told news outlets that not only would allowing users to install apps from outside of the app store risk their safety, but it would also cut out user choice between its platform, iOS, and Google’s platform, Android.

He said that users who want to be able to sideload applications have the choice to use Google’s Android products, where sideloading is possible by simply changing a setting on the phones and tablets running Android software. He explained how iOS is the main option for those who do not want to be able to sideload apps, and who don’t want to be “tricked or duped” into exposing their private data.

Neuenschwander said that even those who don’t intend to sideload an app may be tricked into doing it by websites claiming that it is necessary.

It’s a fair point that user safety is protected by having a dedicated app store, but wouldn’t Apple have a stronger case if they allowed more people to submit apps to their store and keep them online?

The case of Apple removing Twitter alternative “Parler” over the presence of conservative voices is an important reference. If Apple can decide what apps people can use, then how can they expect users to be happy about not being able to download software from outside of their app store?

Apple has a big struggle on its hands to maintain control of its operating systems and ecosystem. Antitrust suits could soon get in the way of the company’s plans to lure customers in and make them stick with every product and service Apple has to offer, because other products and services are not easily compatible.