Attorney General On FBI “Memo” Targeting Parents: “I Did Not…”

( Attorney General Merrick Garland gave testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee to clear up any confusion regarding the Department of Justice memo from October 2021.  

Some have claimed the memo included instructions to report the parents to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

Attorney General Garland claimed to set the record straight during his testimony.   

The Republican Senator from Louisiana, John F. Kennedy, questioned Garland that when he directed the criminal and counterterrorism departments to investigate parents who were angry with school boards and school administrators, was he unaware of the effect his directive would have on parents?   

Garland said that he did not issue memorandums that required an investigation into the parents who had concerns about their children. 

Garland claimed the memorandum advocated for protection from physical force and threats of intimidation against several different school administrators. It was not intended to dissuade parents from submitting complaints to their respective school boards.   

Garland admitted during a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee in November of 2021 that he had taken the word of the National School Boards Association that parents who voiced concerns at their local school board meetings should be targeted as “domestic terrorists.”   

State school board associations had distanced themselves from the letter NSBA sent to President Biden. In the letter, the NSBA begged Biden for assistance from federal law enforcement in dealing with angry and frustrated parents who are upset about the indoctrination of Critical Race Theory and mask mandates in their children’s classrooms. 

In late 2021, a whistleblower disclosed that the FBI was deploying counterterrorism tactics to examine parents believed to be possible “domestic terrorists” for expressing concerns regarding education in their school districts. 

It would appear that the alarming allegations, which state that the FBI is adding “threat tags” to parents, contradict Garland’s testimony that he gave on October 21 in front of the House Judiciary Committee. In that testimony, Garland claimed that the Justice Department and FBI did not employ counterterrorism tools to investigate parents. The allegations that the FBI was adding “threat tags” to parents contradict Garland’s testimony.